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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-21 10:00:00

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Since WWE is no longer using the Performance Center as a production space, what is it being used for?

They will transition it back into a training center for NXT/developmental talents.

Ok, here's my question, back at the end of 1995 when Shawn Michaels had to take time off for his knee injury, they ran a storyline with him being in an altercation at a nightclub where he was attacked by a group of drunks, and then they turned it into a concussion storyline when he got kicked by Owen Hart. My question is, was the nightclub deal totally made up or did something actually happen?

It was legitimate. Michaels got into a fight and was beaten up by a group of marines in 1995, suffering a bad concussion and facial injuries in the beating. WWF later worked it into their storyline, which is when he relinquished the belt to Dean Douglas. The knee injury he was given time off for was in 1997, which is where he claimed he was going to have to retire and "lost his smile", relinquishing his WWF Championship.

Do you think Impact will ever bring back the six sided ring again?

It's possible they could do so as a special attraction, but I really don't see them doing it regularly.

I'm going through old WWF VHS tapes I recorded when I was a kid and during the build to Wrestlemania 11, Fishbone was scheduled to play the national anthem but it never happened - why not?

I am a huge Fishbone fan and this was one of the great mysteries for me for many years. I was told that Fishbone was booked and paid for the appearance but once Vince McMahon heard the rendition of the song that the ska/funk fusion pioneers intended to play, he decided not to utilize their services. That's a real shame, since given the quality of that PPV, a Fishbone performance may have been the best thing on the show!

It was nice to see Mickie James return, but where had she been?

James suffered a torn ACL last year, so she was recovering from surgery and rehabbing the injury.  She had been doing commentary while she was off from wrestling as well.

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