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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-20 10:00:00

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Why would WWE create an anarchist group with Retribution when they already had one with Sanity and did nothing with it?

I have to tell you, that is a pretty good point.  The only theory I have is that the creative team at the time didn't want to do what they are doing now.

Why didn't Dynamite just move over to TBS or TruTV for the schedule changes on TNT for those particular weeks?

TNT wanted them on Saturday, not opposite the NBA on another one of their networks, because they the priority for Wednesday night was the NBA.

If Raw underground takes off do you think it is possible for it to be the 3rd hour of Raw? This way the last hour could be a little edgier while at the same time it cuts the regular Raw down to the much needed 2 hours.  More of the kids can watch the full 2 hours, and USA still has their 3 hour time block.

It's certainly possible they could go that way, branding the one hour differently the way WWE used to brand an hour of Raw as "The War Zone."  It really depends on whether we see the Raw Underground concept lift the third hour of the series, which traditionally is the one that pulls the overall average audience down.  I would think WWE is open to anything that can show an improvement over time.

Can You Explain What A "Legends Deal" Is? Is It For Wrestling Over 50?

It's a WWE deal where the older talents sign a deal for a set amount of money giving the company the rights to use their likeness in licensing, merchandising, etc. and also puts those talents into a position where they can be plugged into the company in different community outreach roles as a brand ambassador, making cameos, etc.  It is not specifically a wrestling position.

Do you think Vince McMahon is collecting social security?

Certainly, he is old enough to do so, but I don't think money is his concern.  

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