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By Dave Scherer on 2020-08-16 10:00:00

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Given how diligent Tony Khan has been with respect to his Covid protocols, I was surprised to see what appeared to be dozens of fans in attendance at this week's Dynamite taping.  Considering these fans added very little to the presentation of the show, why were they allowed to attend the show during a time when there are still thousands of new cases daily in Florida?

I have no idea.  I also don’t get how he let Chris Jericho come in and wrestle this week.  Yeah, he tested negative, but the virus can take longer than four days to show up.  You can be clear on Wednesday and infected on Thursday.  Given how great AEW has been at dealing with the virus from day one, I am with you, I don’t see the point in taking chances now, especially in Florida.

Is it just me or is the AEW women's title belt so small it looks like a toy?  It looks small on Shida and especially tiny on Nyla Rose.  Why was it designed at that size, and should they change to a bigger belt?

Honestly, I never really noticed so I guess it never struck me as being small.

Will the cheesy Rusev-Lana-Bobby Lashley "love triangle" go down as one of the worse storylines in WWE history? While Lashley is finally get a push to the top tier, Rusev has been released and Lana is just an afterthought these days.

It was terrible, for sure, but if I remember correctly it did solid ratings.  It’s hard to say this is the worst when you think of stuff like choppy pee pee and Katie Vick. With that said, WWE has misused a lot of people over the years and Rusev is one of those people that they totally blew it with.

You guys are doing a great job in detailing the Jeff Jarret VS Anthem Wrestling lawsuit but it is a lot to take into consideration.  Guess what I am asking is who is the real winner and loser in this case as it stands right now?  Seems they are trying to go for a settlement but is there going to be a clear cut winner and/or loser in all this when it is all said and done?

I think it’s too soon to say who is the winner right now.  If they come to a settlement we may never know if they seal it.  I think if Jarrett gets anything significant he should be very happy.

I've really been enjoying Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions series. The guests he's gotten so far (especially, for me, Taker and Mark Henry) have been great. Who would you like to see guest on the show? Do you think they could ever get The Rock to appear one day?

I would love to see him get Vince McMahon and really get him talking.  The Rock would be great too.  They are friendly so who knows, maybe as the XFL starts back up he can sit down with Austin.

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