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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-12 20:21:00 reported this evening that Major League Wrestling signed a deal with Fubo for MLW Fusion to be carried weekly on Thursdays at 10 PM EST with a replay of the previous week's episode preceding it at 9 PM EST.    This is the latest deal the promotion has signed in recent weeks, placing MLW on the streaming service, which has picked up major steam in recent months, including deals with Disney/ESPN and more.  Fubo was praised by Forbes last year, which predicted the platform would be a billion dollar property.  It's had quite a few investors behind it, including Univision and AMC, having raised $200 million in funding. is told this deal would not be a replacement for BeIN Sport but is one of several recently made, including MLW's deal with DAZN, designed to place the promotion on platforms that appeal to younger fans as they are more likely to be on platforms that stream content as opposed to traditional linear TV outlets.

“At a time when sports are in high demand we’re thrilled to add Major League Wrestling to our lineup on fubo Sports Network,” Ben Grad, head of content strategy and acquisition for fuboTV told Deadline. “MLW features some of the best quality fighting out there, and consumers will be able to watch it all for free on fubo Sports Network.

Fubo is available on more than 75 million devices and can be stramed on Pluto TV, the Roku Channel, Samsung TV Plus, Plex and other outlets, as well as

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