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By Dave Scherer on 2020-08-12 10:00:00

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I just read about Jim Cornette going off about Chris Jericho's band Fozzy performing a concert this past weekend, and how Jericho has "banned" him from watching AEW ever again. My question is do  you think Cornette is obsessed over AEW and perhaps jealous of their success?

I don’t think that is even remotely true.  I think Jim has his view of what pro wrestling is and should be and will rip anyone who he thinks desecrates that.  It’s not just AEW he goes after.  But in AEW’s case, he has long thought very little of the Young Bucks as he doesn’t find them believable, so that carried over to AEW and its product.  I also has no issue with him calling out Jericho performing.  Playing an indoor venue in the middle of a pandemic isn’t exactly a good idea to a lot of people, myself included.

With WWE acquiring Evolve wrestling last month, when do you think we will be seeing Evolve’s back catalog on the WWE Network?

They bought the company for its library so I think there is an extremely good chance that will happen sooner than later.

What do you make of Jericho's banning of Cornette? Even if he's doing it in a trolling way, isn't that just kind of immature and silly? I guess this is wrestling we're talking about.

It’s immature, silly and totally pro wrestling.  Over the top goofiness is a trademark of the business.

Any chance of Dwayne Johnson owning the company that Vince cared enough about to bring back almost 20 years after it failed, causing a soured relationship between the two?  I can't imagine Vince enjoying watching someone else run the XFL, something he cares so intensely about... He strikes me as the kind of guy who if he ever sold/wasn't running WWE anymore, he'd probably find it difficult to follow the company.

I think just the opposite.  One, he likes Rock a lot.  Two, if Rock can make the XFL work, Vince is vindicated and can say that if it weren’t for the pandemic, he would have done it.  

You made an article and followed up in a Q and A saying Shane bumped the rating, but the 2nd hour  was strongest while Shane and his hour of insanity dropped off. So, why does he get credit for the rating pop over say the announced return of Apollo and the title match or the intrigue about the new faction?

Not true Grasshopper.  Shane appeared with the first “fight” in hour two.  The show was trending up then.  After Shane appeared and people knew what it would be, it trended down.  But even at that, hour three still handily beat the previous week’s final 60 minutes.

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