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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-15 10:00:00

Predict the NJPW Strong tournament winner?


In the days before wrestling was 'exposed' and everything was still kayfabed, how did wrestlers with fake names and gimmicks do simple things that would require ID, like book hotel rooms, rent cars, fly on airplanes, etc in territory era. When someone recognizable like an Abdullah the Butcher, who never spoke and was supposed to be from the Sudan, needed a car or a room, what did they do? Obviously it would be hard to deny being Abby to anyone who is a wrestling fan, but seeing an ID that said Larry Shreve would've exposed the business in a time when they did all they could not to expose the business.

It was a lot easier in those days to just check into hotels and flights, so he might have used assumed aliases or had someone else check him in.  It's also not like he was walking around in his turban and curled boots in the airport, so in the event he was recognized, he could either kayfabe the fans or choose to just ignore them.  You have to remember that you could just walk onto a plane with your ticket in the pre-TSA days, so it's not like you'd be trapped waiting in lines unless you wanted to check luggage.  You are also talking about an era where the business was so protected that in many cases, fans were afraid to even approached heels.

Whatever happened to former WWF/WWE womens wrestling champion Rockin' Robin?

She works in the real estate world in Louisiana.  She still makes convention appearances from time to time.

You had Ric Flair on the site recently and talked about the "forgotten" title switches with Harley Race and obviously there have been others.  Do you see WWE recognizing those reigns just as someone is set to break the record to build suspense for when that person does do it?

No, Flair will always be known as the 16 time World champion, whether its factually correct or not.  WWE won't change that.

I was watching some old wrestling matches on YouTube and couldn't help notice how loose the ropes were. Was this just the way they were or was it technically/practically not possible to have tight ring ropes back then? What changed to make them tighter, was it just a change of style, or was there some other factor (such as a safety) involved? And was it a gradual change from loose to the tight ropes we see today, or was it sudden (if the later, did wrestlers object to the change, or did they embrace it)?

In the old days, wrestling shows would be put on in the same rings used for boxing exhibitions.  So, the rings weren't made for use the way most professional wrestlers used them.  Like anything else, they evolved over time to the current ring ropes, which is actually thick ropes (or in some cases, elevator cable, which WCW used) wrapped in rubber or colored tape.

Why do you think after all these years we are seeing WWE/Mr. T toys?

Mattel made a financial offer he agreed to, nothing more.   


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