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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-13 10:00:00

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On the old WWF European Championship and replicas for sale on WWE Shop, it  features some flags, Norway, Greece, Switzerland, France, Portugal etc. All countries within Europe. But for some reason, in between the German and British flag appears the flag of the Ivory Coast. Last time I checked this was the Ivory Coast was in West Africa.   Why?

We are told that is actually the Ireland flag, but placed backwards.

Michael Blum sent the following.... It appears the WWE meant to put the Irish flag on the belt but flew it the wrong way.   Flags of Ireland and Ivory Coast are the same except color pattern is reversed (Green-White-Orange from left to right for Ireland, Orange-White-Green for Ivory Coast). Someone in graphic design put the wrong color towards the pole. 

How high is your probability we'll be underwhelmed when retribution is revealed?

It all depends on what everyone is expecting.  I don't have any expectations yet, because usually when WWE introduces a new group strongly, they flame out pretty quickly - League of Nations, Nexxus, etc.  The last time an important stable was introduced to the main roster and lasted the test of time was Evolution, and that was a long time ago.  But, we'll see.

I was watching some episodes of ECW Hardcore TV from the summer of 1995 (one of the best stretches IMO) and I picked up on something that I guess had slipped by on previous occasions... On the August 29, 1995 episode, before Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko have their last match in ECW, Joey Styles announced to the crowd that they were essentially being forced to go to WCW because they had contracts with New Japan and New Japan made a deal with WCW that included Malenko and Guerrero. Is that how it really went down? Or was that a way to soften the blow to the audience and keep them from turning on Malenko and Guerrero during their send-off match?

That is pretty much how it went down.  New Japan was looking to pull its deal from WCW due to unhappiness over how their agreement had been handled.  WCW, led by Eric Bischoff at the time, took over the contracts of a number of talents, including Guerrero, Malenko and Chris Benoit, as part of the agreement to keep the deal going, now giving them to New Japan as part of the agreement and freeing up NJPW to have them at a reduced cost.  So, while they chose to sign, they did so in order to make a lot more money while keeping their NJPW dates.  So, that was ECW's way of spinning it, to present that they would be "forced" to go to the enemy, WCW, because of their New Japan deal while also allowing them to exit as conquering heroes, instead of being villified by the audience.  

Several years ago, ECW founder Tod Gordon was slated to have an autobiography come out.  Whatever happened to it?

As it was explained to me when the book was shelved, Gordon was unhappy with the delays the publisher had in getting the book out and realized that by the time the book would have hit the shelves, interest in ECW would have been stone cold dead thanks to the WWE version of ECW dismantling the original company's aura.  So, he refused to sign off on the book, realizing that a lot of money was lost from the delays and it sort of went into suspended animation.  I don't believe a finished version ever saw the light of day,.

After watching Dark Side of the Ring's first season on Hulu, I wanted to ask, do you think we'll ever see justice done in the case of the cold blooded murder of wrestling legend Bruiser Brody? It was reported that wrestler Tony Atlas witnessed the killing and who did it. A trial came and gone with no positive result of the crime. They say there is no statute of limitations on murder. Do you think there will ever be justice? Has there ever been a call for a retrial?

No, there will be no justice from a legal standpoint. Jose Gonzales was found not guilty. Under double jeopardy, he can't be tried with a crime he already was acquitted for. The State of limitations wouldn't matter, because the case has already been closed in the eyes of the court.  There's nothing that can be done in that regard.

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