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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-08 10:00:00

How many episode of Impact Wrestling have there been?

As of this coming Tuesday, there have been 2,032 episodes.

Do you guys think that NJPW will have to strip Moxley of the U.S. title again because he can't travel to Japan at the moment?

It's possible that could happen, but New Japan has so many talents who can't come into the country right now that my guess is that they'll leave the U.S. title situation alone.  They are currently doing a USA Cup on their Strong series, so it's entirely possible they could ask Moxley to come work one of those tapings or even just have the tournament crown the new champ.  It all depends on how patient New Japan wants to be.  In my mind, it's not like they won't draw without that title in the mix, so they can wait if they want.

Before the pandemic hit Nick Aldis was going to Puerto Rico to defend the NWA World title for WWC's big anniversary event, my question is do you think that could have let to a partnership or a agreement where both companies trade talent back and forth?

It's possible but it's not like the WWC has a huge wealth of talent to draw from currently.   They have a very small, concentrated roster.  I don't see the harm in the two promotions potentially working together though.

Is there any word on what will happen with the NWA going forward?  Do you think Carnyland returns?

We are told they are trying to work out what their plans will be in a COVID-19 world, and that without having fans in the audience, there's no real rush to return to production for POWERRR.  There are other projects that are under consideration, though.  I think we've seen the end of Carnyland.

After the first couple of Wrestle Manias, I would have thought that the top wrestlers would have had their own entrance music. However, during one of the Summer Slams (The Brain Busters v. the Hart Foundation), the Brain Busters did not have music. And if I recall, Bad News Brown never had music in the WWE. Was there a reason for this? Wrestlers' preference? Vince's preference? Jim Johnston or Jimmy Hart not being able to come up with something to fit their personas?

I think it was just part of their presentation at the time. Look at who you are bringing up. The ultra-serious, militant Bad News Brown character wouldn't have been one to come out to music and preen around.   At the time, The Brainbusters were throwback working wrestlers, so they didn't need the music. I also think that at times, villains not having music allowed the audience a chance to truly get into them and boo them as opposed to just reacting to the theme music. Imagine if a pissed off villain just walked out on Raw in a tradoitional setting. The crowd would be focused on his body language and facial reactions and things he/she said and did and might act a little more emotionally charged towards them, as opposed to the music being the focal point that set the mood of the show where the entrances sometimes mean more than the actual content inside the ring.

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