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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-07 10:00:00

Is Nick Khan the new WWE President related to Tony Khan, AEW President?

No relation.

Why would The Rock and friends buy XFL?

Obviously, they think they can make a go at making it a profitable, secondary football league to the NFL.  Whether they can make it work when the XFL's original incarnations and the AAF could not, we'll see.

I went to Universal Studios recently and they had the Fast & Furious ride shut down.  Is this a sign the Rock's popularity is waning?

No, it's a sign Universal has numerous rides shut down in the COVID-19 era, nothing more.

Are you as surprised as I am regarding how incredibly over Orange Cassidy is? He's a total comedy act on the surface, but he's been nothing but a legit fan darling since debuting in AEW, even during the Empty Arena Era. The guy is so skilled and charismatic and great at getting the most out of his gimmick. How far do you think he could go in AEW?

I knew the gimmick worked on the independents, so I'm not surprised that it was over, but I do have to say watching it become such a massive popular act on a national basis was a bit of a surprise.  As far as how far he can go, he already gone far.  He's main eventing and you have to think at some point, he'll win the TNT title and be the champ who is nonplussed about his competitors.

On the flip side, what do you think could be done to rehabilitate The Dark Order to make them seem like a credible heel threat? Ever since AEW started, they've felt like a lightweight, just-kinda-there version of the Ministry of Darkness, and Brodie Lee's momentum ever since debuting has been sadly stagnant.

Make them monsters who are fearsome and destroy people.  Perhaps Lance Archer usurps the leadership and under his rule, they became maniacal and violent.

Considering how ridiculously stacked AEW's tag division is, do you think it'd make sense to have an official trios division and championship? After all, they have Jurassic Express, Best Friends/Orange Cassidy, the Elite, SCU, PAC and Lucha Bros, any configuration of the Dark Order, and the same with the Inner Circle.

I would be shocked if there isn't a Trios title within a year.

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