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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-06 11:41:00 is sad to report the passing of wrestler and promoter Mitch Ryder at the age of 48.

Ryder first broke into the business in the early 1990s under the name Mitch Bell, doing jobs for World Championship Wrestling.  He was a regular for Coliseum Championship Wrestling out of Indiana in the mid-1990s and worked for IWA Mid-South, CZW, CHIKARA and other well known independent outlets over the course of his career.  Ryder also ran his own promotion in the mid-west, XWC.  He had most recently been a regular with IWA Mid-South, last wrestling in 2017.

The circumstances of Ryder's passing is not yet known.  His passing was first announced by IWA Mid-South's Ian Rotten, who wrote, "My heart is literally breaking over the passing of Marvelous Mitch Ryder today. Mitch is one of my favorite opponents to ever step foot in the ring with. We had a great chemistry and an unrivaled passion to give the fans what they came to see.  I truly believe that today, I have lost another brother. Please keep Mitch's family in your thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace my friend."

Ryder was well liked and was known for taking time to offer advice and mentor independent talents who were climbing their own ladder towards national success.  Having wrestled for so long and having been around so many, he had endless stories and provided sage advice to talents in a way that cut through what would be considered political BS and was raw and true.  He was very much beloved in every locker room he entered.

In CHIKARA, Ryder was part of the Kings of Wrestling action with Chris Hero, Larry Sweeney and Claudio (Cesaro) Castagnoli, among others.  He, Shayne Hawke and Max Boyer became the Fabulous Three, competing on the King of Trios tournament in 2008.  In what became a legendary moment behind the scenes among CHIKARA wrestlers, Ryder openly quit the company via email after his look and costuming were criticized in a company email by owner Mike Quackenbush.  Given that few would be willing to speak up to Quackenbush as it was his company (and his kingdom), Ryder speaking so freely to Quackenbush became something of an urban legend among the talents.  That email surfaced with the closing of CHIKARA several weeks back, giving a true window into Ryder's defense of talents in locker rooms he worked in.

A number of stars paid tribute to him today:

Everyone at expresses our deepest condolences to the family, friends and fans of Mitch Ryder.

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