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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-06 10:00:00

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What did you make of Bruce Prichard knocking Nick Aldis on his podcast?

I didn't hear it personally, but I think if he was talking about Nick during his time in Impact Wrestling, an argument could be made that he hadn't found his full potential yet and wasn't consistent, some of which could be blamed on the booking at the time.  I think if he was speaking of Nick today, the NWA Champion, Bruce obviously hasn't seen enough of his current work, which has been stellar especially as the modern day equivalent of the traveling World Champion in the same vein as a Harley Race.  Aldis is currently in the middle of his best work to date.

Why does AEW continue to showcase so much blood?

If you are referring to the Matt Hardy bludgeoning last night, that wasn't a booked, planned spot.  He got busted open hardway from a chair.  AEW isn't WWE and they don't have a TV-PG edict they have to follow.  Blood sometimes happens.  I could understand being upset if it was a blade job that was meant to be so gruesome but things happen in physical contact combat sports - whether it be UFC or boxing or professional wrestling.  While never a GOOD thing that Hardy was so bloody, a case can be made that it puts heel heat on Sammy Guevara and now gives Hardy something to avege.  If AEW edits around it and ignores it, they have lost that potential moment.  AEW wants to be a harder-edged company and with that comes some violence and the effects of it.

Could the hooded new group in WWE be formerly released wrestlers?

That would actually be a hell of a story, but I haven't heard that to be the case.  They could easily just have everyone under hoodies until the reveal so it would be very easy to have others in their place before the reveal.

Is Undertaker retired or not?

They gave the impression but never blatantly used the word.  I say he is not.

I saw you wrote Heatwave '98 was the best all-time PPV.  Why would you say that given Barely Legal was the first one and most important?

Barely Legal was obviously the most important and as someone who cared deeply for ECW, it holds a special place in my heart, but if we are going to be honest, there are also portions of that PPV that didn't work.  Heatwave '98 was the best and most accurate broadcast that gave the home viewer an entertaining three hours that felt most true to the live ECW experience, in my opinion.  It holds up the best years later, which is not always true of all ECW content, so to me, that makes it the best ECW PPV production ever.

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