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By Anthony Pires on 2020-08-03 19:55:00


We kick things off with a video package introducing some of the faces we'll be seeing in the tournament.  Tony Schiavone and Veda Scott are calling tonight's action.  Wonderful seeing Veda here.  I've always enjoyed her work.  Shaul Guerrero is our ring announcer and she introduces Madusa to formally kick off the festivities.  Madusa puts over the opportunity the 16 women have.

Dasha is with the Nightmare Sisters (Brandi Rhodes & Allie), who, as luck would have it, drew the same color (with a little chicanery from the former Bunny).  Penelope Ford picked Blue, her partner is Mel.  They seem very pleased to be working together.

Mel & Penelope Ford (w/ Kip Sabian) vs.The Nightmare Sisters (Allie & Brandi Rhodes w/QT Marshall & Dustin Rhodes)

Ford and Allie kick things off.  Ford with a kick to the midsection and a headlock.  Allie powers out but Ford maintains the headlock.  Allie yanks the hair and Ford with a rollup for 2.  Kneelift by Allie and a cover for 2.  Brandi tags in.  Double elbow by the Nightmare Sisters but Mel blind tagged in.  Mel with a stomp and some ground and pound.  Mel runs Brandi's face into the mat. Brandi with a flying headlock takedown and mocks Ford.   Running elboe and Allie tags in.  Running dropkick by Allie for 2.  Elbow and a chop by Allie.  Reverse neckbreaker by Allie for 1.  Ford tags in and goes to work with punches in the corner.  Allie with a clothesline, Sabian pulls Ford out.  QT and Sabian go face to face. Mel with a superkick on the outside.  Back in the ring Ford with a gut buster.  Ford with an armbar and a choke on the ropes.  Mel tags in and yanks back on Allie's hair.  Mel with a double axehandle.  Ford tags in.  Allie with a small package for 2.  Clothesline by Ford 2.  Allie fights back with punches.  Ford matrixes out of a clothesline and hits a stunner.  Mel tags in and misses a legdrop.  Allie gets the tag off to Brandi.  Clothelines and a pump kick puts Mel down.  Mel rises with a forearm but Brandi with a clothesline for 2.  All 4 in the ring.  Chokeslam by Mel on Brandi but Paul Turner is distracted and she only gets 2.  Marshall and Sabian battle on the floor.  Allie with an eye rake to Mel as Brandi hits a spear on Mel for the pin.

WINNERS: Brandi Rhodes & Mel (advances to the semi finals)

WE see footage of last week when the former Cameron revealed herself to be Nyla Rose's partner

Anna Jay, now an official member of the Dark Order (join them) picks her color and she's teaming with Tay Conti

Anna Jay & Tay Conti (with the Dark Order, who leave the stage area) vs Nyla Rose & Ariane Andrew

Conti is the Taynara Conti from WWE NXT.

Andrew and Jay start off and Andrew slaps Ms. Dark Order.  Shoulderblock by Andrew, takedown by Jay and she hits a clothesline.  Andrew shoves her down and gets a 1.  Andrew with a rollup for 2.  Conti tags in and they hit a double clothesline.  Rose comes in and hits a double choke slam and tags herself in.  Rose mauls Conti but Conti hits a back elbow and tries an armbar.  Rose stops it but Conti with kicks for 1.  Jay tags in but Rose hits a powerslam for 2.  Avalanche and clothesline for 2 by Rose.  Ariane tags in and sends Jay into the corner.  Facebuster by Andrew for a series of 1's.  Rose tags in.  Biel throw by Rose.  Jay with a thrust kick and a chop block for 2.  Jay comes down with knee strikes.  Conti tags in and rolls up Nyla for 1.  Conti with fast kicks and more stomps on the knee.  Kneebar on the ropes.  EXCELLENT showing for Conti and Jay here.  I honestly thought this would be a squash.  Jay tags in and hits an elbow.  Rose to her feet and hits a dropkcik.  Jay gets the tag.  Rose with a Samoan Drop.  Rose's knee is in trouble.  she gets the tag and Ariane with fast clotheslines and a headscissors.  Ariane with a standing bulldog for 2.  Rose saves her partner from a double suplex and hits a double clothesline.  Jay with a blind tag, she hits a split legdrop but Jay with a nice snap mare neckbreaker and she gets the pin.

WINNERS: Tay Conti and Anna Jay (advances to the semi finals)

Nyla Rose with a clothesline on Andrew before leaving the ring.  Conti helps her up.

The Nightmare Sisters with Alex Marvez.  Brandi Rhodes declares herself a big deal in AEW.  She reminds Alex that she's an Instagram Influencer and that she is the first AEW woman with an action figure.

WE cut to Alex with Tay Conti and Anna Jay.  Jay with no comment on her status with The Dark Order

We go to credits.

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