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By Tom Kenny on 2020-08-03 15:57:00

After the opening video package, Josh Matthews welcomes us this week to Xplosion and we head straight to the ring for our first match!

Xplosion Match of the Week: Tag Team Match: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz)

The bells rings and Wentz will start off with Fulton. A change of plans and Austin decides he wants to start the match. Austin and Wentz tie up. The two go back and forth with a few tie ups and submissions until Wentz takes Austin down. A few fast paced drop downs by both men and Wentz goes for the cover, but Austin kicks out at 2. The two trade reversals and kicks, but Wentz nails Austin with a kick to the chin to drop him down. In the corner, Wentz with a knee to the chin. A tag to Dez as Wentz drops Austin in the center of the ring. Dez hits a slingshot Swanton and cover Austin for a count of 2. Dez with a kick to the side of Austin, picks him up and throws into the corner. As Dez approaches, Wentz tags in. Dez with a kick to the side of Austin’s head, while Wentz hits Madman Fulton in the corner, which drops him off the canvas. Wentz runs toward Austin and does the bronco buster in the corner. Fulton comes back into the ring and grabs Dez in power slam position. Fulton uses Dez’s legs to hit Wentz in the face and drops Dez with a reverse suplex.

We are back from commercial (unless watching via Impact Plus!) and Madman Fulton is now the legal man for his team in the ring. Wentz tries to fight off Madman Fulton with a few chops to the chest, but Fulton throws him off to the ropes and catches Wentz in a bearhug. After a few elbows to the top of the head of Fulton, Wentz breaks free of the bearhug. Wentz drop kicks Fulton in his knee. Wentz attempts a kick and Fulton blocks it. Fulton pushes Wentz off and he catches Wentz in a powerslam. Fulton goes for the cover, but Wentz kicks up at a count of 2. Fulton picks up Wentz, tags Ace Austin, and Austin hits a leg drop onto Wentz. Austin goes for the cover, but Wentz kicks out at a count of 2. Austin applies a crossface submission on Wentz and transitions to working on his arm. Austin hits a few kicks on Wentz. Austin throws Wentz to the ropes, but Wentz does a handspring into the ropes and nails Austin with a knee to the side of his head. Wentz crawls to his corner and tags out to Dez. Dez comes into the ring. He pushes Austin into Fulton, who falls off the apron. Dez with a few strikes to Austin and a drop kick to the back of Ace’s head. Dez goes for the cover, but Ace kicks out at 2. Austin is back in the Rascalz corner. Wentz tags back in. A few double team strikes by the Rascalz. Dez again pushes Fulton off the apron. Wentz goes for the cover, but Austin kicks out at 2. Wentz with a boot to the chest of Austin. On the top rope, Wentz is aiming to land on Austin, but as Fulton comes back into the ring, he drop kicks Madman out of the ring instead. Wentz bounces off the ropes and goes for a plancha on Fulton. Fulton catches Wentz. Dez kicks Wentz on his back so he lands on top of Fulton. Austin comes behind Dez with a crucifix style pin with his feet on the ropes for the win! 

Winners: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton by pinfall.

Great tag match this week! Check this one out.

After a plug for Impact! Plus, we head to our next segment: Around the Ring with Hernandez!

David Penzer interviews Hernandez! Hernandez discusses watching Georgia Championship Wrestling, AWA, and other territories growing up. Hernandez mentions visiting the Sam Houston Coliseum and it being the first time he got to watch the Guerreros, Junkyard Dog, Missing Link, and Wahoo McDaniel, among others. Hernandez describes the territories growing up in Texas and the Latino wrestling scene. The Houston wrestling scene was incredible due to being able to see Gino Hernandez who was the hottest heel in wrestling at the time. Hernandez got into the wrestling business. He talked about his relationship with his father and how he wanted Hernandez to finish his College degree before getting into the wrestling business. Hernandez was trained by Tugboat Taylor at the Tugboat School of Wrestling in Houston, Texas, approximately in 1997. Hernandez chose to get into wrestling because he was recently cut from playing football. He met Tugboat and his son while training at the gym. They recommended he train to be a wrestler. Hernandez worked the indies for a long period of time paying his dues. Penzer closes out part 1 of the interview with Hernandez by joking about having cell phones during the late 1990s and how different communication was during this era. 

Next up, is the IMPACT! Classic Match of the Week. It is from Destination X 2011 when AJ Styles pinned Christopher Daniels in the main event. You can check out the match now on IMPACT! Plus.

We close out the show with an IMPACT Wrestling Rewind from the 7/28/2020 episode of IMPACT Wrestling. The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated Reno Scum by pinfall. We also get to see the post match confrontation between the Good Brothers with Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. You can read the full report from Mike Johnson on

For more information on Impact Wrestling, visit their website!

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