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By Dave Scherer on 2020-08-05 10:00:00

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How does Sasha Banks winning the Title in that fashion help her?  It was given to her.

Yep, it was and I said the same thing last week on the Elite site.  The scenario stunk.  Asuka looks like a dope for just leaving.  Sasha looks weak because she didn’t win the belt, it was gifted to her.  It’s made worse by the fact that Asuka didn’t win it either, it was gifted to her by Becky Lynch.  What they could have done was have Asuka in control.  Then Bayley attacking Kairi Sane airs on the screen and Asuka turned to look up.  While she let her guard down, Sasha could have locked on the Bank Statement.  Sasha won the Title on her own, cheating, so she gets heel heat.  Asuka got screwed, so she gets babyface heat.  We want to see Asuka get her Title back.  It would have been so easy to book and they ruined it.

Do you smell what the XFL is cookin?

Not yet but with The Rock getting involved, I am interested in seeing what he has in store for it.

We see Scott Steiner pop up from time to time here and there. But, What is Rick Steiner up to these days?

He is selling Real Estate in the Atlanta, GA area.  You can check out his website by clicking here.

Do you think that Triple H was responsible for ending the model Diva era as he favored normal-looking women who can wrestle over untalented swimsuit models?

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were integral in seeing the rise of women athletes and convincing Vince McMahon to change the way WWE presents them.

Do you find it hypocritical of fans who bashed Triple H for always booking himself on top, with title reigns and as the main focus to be the first ones who praise Cody and the Elite while they do the same every Wednesday? 

Wrestling fans hypocritical?  Surely you jest!  Seriously, people say a lot of things.  Anyone who says Triple H booked himself doesn’t get the WWE booking process so I laugh at them.  Vince McMahon is that process.  A talent can lobby, but Vince has the final say.  As for Cody and The Elite, I think once Tony Khan took over the booking process in earnest, things have been fine.  They are players for him so he uses them, that just makes sense.  As for fans, they can think whatever they want but I don’t spend time concerning myself with it when it starts off with a straw man premise.

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