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By Dave Scherer on 2020-08-04 10:00:00

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What are your thoughts on the booking of title matches lately? On Raw, Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Lashley and now Randy Orton have simply asked for matches or told us they have one and on Smackdown, Bray Wyatt is about to get his 3rd shot at the Universal title without beating anyone as well.

I think on Raw and Smackdown at times it’s been pretty lazy booking and that may have something to do with why less people are watching.  Look at Dolph.  He was part of a tag team and gets traded with another guy for AJ Styles, then vaults into Title matches.  No one expected him to win and if he did, it would have been the wrong move.  It’s lame.  Now Orton, I disagree with.  He has been destroying people for months and in his case, he was the obvious next challenger.

I know Dave in particular isn’t a fan of the authority figure (me personally I like them and think they add something) but these guys are now not even winning matches – which then makes the MITB look pointless on top. Something this basic making the main shows is unforgivable from a writing standpoint.

I am not authority figures per se.  I think William Regal in NXT is great.  AEW references Tony Khan and that works too.  What I am against is the on air, time hogging GM.  It’s dated.  Stephanie McMahon popping on the Tron for Asuka and Sasha?  Fine.  Long, tedious on air segments?  No thanks!

Just curious but with the annual Hell In A Cell PPV just a couple of months away, is the WWE Performance Centre big enough to hold the cell? And have you heard whether they have considered this or if they will instead give it a miss this year and hold off until if/when they get back into the arenas?

I haven’t heard a word.  I agree that it would be hard to put the Cell in the PC.  I think if they do the event, they will have to take it to another building.

On a recent Q and A you said that NXT now being on USA you don't consider them the C-Show, when comparing NXT to Raw and Smackdown wouldn't they still be considered the C-show? Regardless of them now being on USA. Raw and Smackdown are the A and B shows.

To me, no.  I just go by quality and presentation and on that stage, they are on the same level as Raw and Smackdown.  If you are talking about looking at it from a financial perspective, yes they would be the third brand.

I just read in your update on the Anthem/Jarrett lawsuit mistrial.  And i see that the judge said the GWF Amped! tapes should be preserved.  Now how can they preserve something they already admitted they deleted?

They can call Mike Quackenbush and ask him if they still have Chikara’s time traveling Delorean.

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