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By Dave Scherer on 2020-08-03 10:00:00

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After seeing what the NBA does with virtual fans, would it be worthwhile for WWE to do something similar in the performance center, and if they did, would it have a significant impact on their presentation on TV?

I think they should do something, but the PC is so small it would be harder to implement there.  The NBA venue is bigger so it allows for more spacing of people and virtual fans.  I wish WWE would find somewhere else to run that would allow for more innovation.  The PC is getting old and I think that is part of the reason the numbers are down.

Has AR Fox ever been given a shot with a National promotion?

If I remember correctly he was in FCW years ago, but that is as close to WWE as he ever got.  He was in ROH for a while too.

I know it is impossible to say, but...  I know AEW has been out in front of NXT lately, but with the RAW numbers dropping and sports starting up again, do you think AEW could compete numbers wise with RAW or Smackdown?

As long as they go against NXT on Wednesday, probably not since NXT takes away some of their audience.  Now if they went to say Thursday?  They might be able to compete with Raw.  But as long as they are hamstrung by NXT, probably not.

If Ronda Rousey is still under contract to WWE, can't they tell her to work?  Do the contracts work that way?

They have a different deal with her than the standard contract, obviously.  From what I have heard, it’s a mutual deal.  But even if it wasn’t it’s hard to make someone work.  Say you are under contract and you don’t want to wrestle, for whatever reason.  They threaten to sue you, or whatever.  So you go in and “hurt your fill in the blank” and then you can go home again.  If you just say you wrenched your back, they can’t make you take bumps.  

With the ratings these days with whatever the number is of viewers, is that considered total viewers or households? 

No, Nielsen extrapolates the numbers to report what they say are the total viewers.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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