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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-02 00:05:00

During his Saturday Night Special streaming show, AEW's Chris Jericho revealed that former WWE NXT star Taynara Conti has already taped her All Elite Wrestling debut as part of the Women's Tag Team Cup tournament.

Conti, 25, was released by WWE during their April cost-cutting.  The Brazilian-born star was signed to NXT in 2017, competed in the first two Mae Young Classic tournaments and was featured on NXT TV, but never in a consistent role.

After her release, Conti released a video discussing her WWE departure, noting that she will always be "grateful" for her time with WWE as two and a half years ago, she didn't even speak English or know what WWE was, but ended up in a Wrestlemania ring as the first Brazilian talent to do so.

Conti said that she loved her time with the company but in recent months, as a competitive person with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu background, she didn't feel like she had the opportunities to push herself and let WWE know that.  She asked for her release three months ago but the company told her they could not grant it and she had asked for it again.  Finally, the company called her and said, "Hey Tay...Bye!"

Conti said she was upset and nervous because the firing was a shock, but now that she has figured out everything, mentioning her visa, she is excited for the feature.  She said that whenever WWE signed someone else, she always would ask questions and try to understand, because she wanted to be challenged.  She praised the NXT Coaches and said she learned a lot from them, but wanted to challenge herself and learn more about pro wrestling beyond WWE because that's all she knew from that world.

Her first challenge will be AEW.

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