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By Dave Scherer on 2020-08-02 10:00:00

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One thing that makes it hard for me to watch RAW/Smackdown is the production.  I understand the purpose of filming in the PC but visually it kills my interest.   Watching a wrestling show with minimal audience in a sound stage/studio just isn’t interesting to me.  One thing I like about AEW is the outdoor venue they use.  I’m not sure what it is but it just makes it more interesting to watch.  What are your thoughts and is there any way WWE could rent an outdoor venue to film?

I definitely prefer Daily’s Place over the PC.  It’s bigger, more open and has a bigger time feel, which is should since it’s an arena and the PC is not.  I agree with you, I think the closed stage feel of the PC does nothing to help the show feel special.  I would love to see them find a better venue but it’s easier said than done in a pandemic.

Looking at what Vince said about possibly doing a WWE channel on SiriusXM, I wonder what kind of content could they put on there for a 24/7 need?  Sounds like a great idea and I would listen if it was interesting.

There is a ton of content on Sirius that I can’t listen to now.  If I were WWE, I would listen if they made a good money offer but I don’t know that that will happen.  If it did, they would have a lot of rerun content.  I expect they would move their existing podcasts over to Sirius and create some new ones.

Regarding your response regarding having fewer titles in WWE, I’d like to see only one men's and women's world champion, with the champion having the ability to defend the title on both RAW and Smackdown.  Is this a viable scenario at this time considering the big money TV contracts?  Or would USA and FOX prefer to each have their own world champion, making this a moot point?

I think they want to have a champion on each show and try to make the brands different and unique.  Given the money that they get paid, it’s understandable.  USA has shown they don’t have a real issue with Brock Lesnar holding the Title and not appearing on TV but I think that is a special circumstance that only applies to him.  I think both networks want a champion on their shows. 

Also, you talked about cutting back to only one secondary title.  Would you keep the intercontinental or US championship, and how would you go about permanently retiring the one you get rid of?

The IC Title is WWE’s belt.  US is not.  I would keep the IC Title.  The easiest way to do it is a winner takes all match that combines the Titles into one.

Kairi Sane is a NXT champion and won the Mae Young classic, yet on the main roster she was largely relegated to Asuka's sidekick.  Looking at her entire NXT and main roster run, do you think they got all of out Kairi as they could or should have?

Nope, not even close.  She is another example of them dropping the ball with a talented wrestler once they get called up.  It’s a story that keeps repeating itself.

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