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By Mike Johnson on 2020-07-31 14:41:00


Jungle Cruise, the Disney film set to star The Rock and Emily Blunt, has been officially pushed back again, now to 7/30/21, Disney announced today.  

The film, based on the iconic Disney ride of the same name, will feature Dwayne Johnson as the captain of a small riverboat that takes a group of travelers through a jungle filled with dangerous animals and reptiles.  Emily Blunt and Jesse Plemons will also star in the film.  Johnson is working with Disney on updating their classic Jungle Cruise ride to coincide with the film. 

Johnson, Dani Garcia and their Seven Bucks Productions will also be creating and producing a new documentary series Behind the Attraction for the new Disney+ streaming service:  The documentary series will dive into the inspiration, background and creation of the top attractions at the Disney theme parks. 

“Since 1955, when Disneyland first opened its doors, the rides and attractions have been impacting generations in such a fun and magical way around the world. This first-of-its-kind series will bring you behind the scenes to experience and celebrate how these beloved attractions creatively came to be. Hope to make Walt and the ‘mouse house’ proud with this one,” said Johnson in a statement on the Disney website. 

The series' first season will feature ten one hour episodes.  There is no word when that series will debut.

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