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By Mike Johnson on 2020-07-31 10:00:00

Why isn't Samoa Joe back in the ring?

WWE wants him as an announcer currently.

Expanding further on the Paul E. Dangerously name, I noticed that after a little bit in the Memphis territory, they shortened his name To Paul E. Dangerly. Did they get a phone call from Hollywood about intellectual property or was a fourth syllable too difficult for the average Memphite?

My guess is that it was a Jerry Jarrett or Jerry Lawler call, nothing more.  If it was an IP issue, he wouldn't have been Paul E. Dangerously on a MUCH larger national platform for a promotion owned by Turner Broadcasting.

Why did TSN in Canada cancel WWE Raw in 2006 in the first place? Weren't they in the middle of a long-term contract during that time?

TSN picked up the rights to Monday Night Football and shifted Raw over to SportsNet at the time.

Was it true that Hogan snitched to Vince McMahon regarding Jesse Ventura attempting to unionize right around WrestleMania 2 in 1986? Was that the closest that the industry would've ever seen attempts to come together?

That has always been the story Jesse Ventura has stated came out during his lawsuit against WWF over royalties owed from VHS tapes.

Whatever happened to WOW, Women of Wrestling?

As we've mentioned in the Elite section, the series has departed AXS TV and is seeking a new cable TV home.

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