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By Kendall Jenkins on 2020-07-30 16:10:00

Weight loss is one thing that more than half of America is after! There is no lie in that and with the growing obesity rate in the country, there is no doubt that we are in need of some miracle to lose weight. However, the only miracle that usually works for people is their determination and intention to improve themselves. There are a number of options like Appetite Suppressants or Diet Pills available in the market, which are by all means viable options. Additionally we have compiled some tips and tricks that you can try at home.

Will they work for you? By all means, yes! How are we so sure about the same? Well, these tips are backed by some serious research! Another good part of reading this article for the tips is that the same are quite easy to bring into your lifestyle and pretty simple to apply as well! Do not trust us? Well, you will once you learn about these proven tips for quick weight loss.

1.      Exercise and/or physical activity

Moving your body from time-to-time is a proven way to lose extra weight, it is a given. From cardio, weight lifting, dance, Zumba, or playing any sport, contributes in significant reduction of weight. Working out has proven to keep your metabolism high and running as it also helps in building muscles and keeping them strong.

2.      Have high protein breakfast

As per evidence, eating plenty of protein can lead to a boost in calorie expenditure by 80-100 calorie per day. In fact, in this study, it was observed that the calorie intake of people with a high-protein diet was reduced by 441 calories per day. Protein intake also helps in regulating appetite hormones to help people feel full in their stomach. Thus, it is recommended to have a breakfast full of protein, so that the hormonal effect of having a protein-rich breakfast can last up to several hours. Some of the ingredients of high-protein breakfast include eggs, oats, nuts, porridge, sardines, seed butters, etc.

3.      Cut back on sugar

Sugar can be considered poison in the name of taste, in Western diet. Yes, it is true. As per certain studies, sugar consumption leads to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes and heart problems. When glucose enters the bloodstream in excess, a hormone called insulin is provoked, which indirectly promotes weight gain  by increasing the fat in adipose tissue.

It is recommended to check the package of even the healthy products since they also contain a lot of sugar, which clearly, doesn’t make them ‘healthy.’ Anyway, it is advised to have no or very little amount of sugar everyday to reduce weight and stay healthy.

4.       Go for intermittent fasting

For those who don’t know, intermittent fasting is a unique way of taking eat breaks for a certain number of hours. It is generally recommended to complete a 16-hour fasting cycle before eating something. As per various studies, it has been observed that fasting helps in reducing calories as well as weight loss effectively.

5. Try All Natural Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills get a bad reputation because of how their contents were all artificial initially. However the industry has worked on their shortcomings giving us some of the safest options for weight loss like PhenQ, which is made from all natural ingredients. It is important however, that whenever you go for a supplement, do your research and ask others who have used it.

6.      Drink water

It has been proven so many times that drinking a good amount of water can help you boost your metabolism at a great rate. This automatically leads to a significant reduction in calories as well since they burn quickly.  If you are looking to get better results in weight loss, then drink at least half-litre water, half-an hour before having your meals.

7.      Drink black coffee

A good coffee comes with a lot of antioxidants, which help in boosting your metabolism. In fact, many studies claim that the caffeine in coffee can boost metabolism by 3-11% and contribute to fat reduction up to 10%.  All you have to do is pour hot water in your cup and add some quality coffee beans to it. Also, forget to add sugar or any other high-calorie ingredient in your coffee because that would totally blow away the purpose.

8.      Switch to low carb diet

There are some brilliant studies done on low-carb diets that support the argument of quick weight loss. Green vegetables, peas, beans, fruits, cereals, and nuts are a few examples of a low-carb diet.

9.      Manage your stress levels

Believe it or not, but high stress leads to a lot of stress eating. Stress triggers hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, which leads to an increased appetite and it gets really hard to stop oneself from eating all sorts of unhealthy snacks. The mechanism of the body is such that it does lead to the transfer of sugar from blood to muscles and then, to the brain. If the same isn’t used by the brain during fight or flight mode, then the sugar gets stored as fat in the body and we all know what happens next! Thus, get into the habit of reducing stress in and around you by getting into activities, like yoga, meditation, gardening, spending time in nature, etc.

10.      Get quality sleep

A good night’s sleep is the answer to most health problems in life. Research suggests that poor quality sleep slows down metabolism, which contributes in storing the unused energy as fat, which leads to obesity. Additionally, lack of good sleep also leads to the production of stress hormones, which also contribute to storage of fat in the body. Thus, it is recommended to get quality sleep every night to get rid of excess fat.

11.  Mindful eating

Eating mindfully means paying attention to food and the place you are eating it. Basically, staying mindful all the time is the answer to healthy living, and being aware of the food that you eat is one of the many mindful habits that you need to have.

Some of the instances of mindful eating include, making a choice to eat nutritious food, avoiding distractions while eating, sitting on a table to eat, being grateful for the food you get to eat every day, etc.

12.  Eat spicy food

This isn’t a drill, people! You should start having spicy food, like capsaicin and hot peppers, because they are known to burn calories quite quickly. Spices give rise to cortisol, which speeds up the body’s ability to burn calories, which automatically reduces extra fat from the body. You can also consume ginger and turmeric for similar effects.

12.  Food Journaling

All it takes is 10 minutes of your day and the results until now, have been truly amazing! You can either use a notebook or download a journaling app to keep a record of everything that you eat in a day. Keeping this journal will tremendously help you in deciding what foods and nutrients must you add or subtract from your daily meals, apart from other things. You will also stay accountable and aware of all the food that you have in a day and the track will help you in losing weight effectively as well. Keeping a food journal is thus a great idea for simple and easy weight loss.

How quickly can you lose weight?

The speed of losing weight also depends on the body type of people. In the first week (if you follow the regime every day), it is expected that you will lose 5-10 pounds, that is, 3-4 kg. According to experts, the least amount of weight is lost in the first 10 days or so, after which, the body starts losing weight consistently and quickly. If you have more weight to lose than the person next to you, then chances are that you will lose it quickly than that person. All you have to do is, allow your body to deal with the changes it will face, even if they are uncomfortable. Keep up with the above tips, and you will lose a significant amount of weight in the first month. In fact, losing weight will have a great affect on your mental and emotional health as well.

In fact, regular exercise and a healthy diet will not only help you in losing weight, but also lead to decrease in blood sugar levels, improvement in blood pressure, increase in good cholesterol and vice-versa in case of bad cholesterol, and lower fatigue or tiredness. You will, in general, feel happy and content in life, just because your hormonal level will be balanced and stress hormones will automatically go down.  


It is for all of us to understand that the excess fat or weight will not disappear overnight. Thus, one must be patient with his or her body, especially in the beginning. The above tips are quite easy and simple, and when done over a consistent period of time, will definitely show positive results.  With regular exercise, healthy diet, good sleep and staying mindful on a daily basis, stay assured that you will lose weight quickly and will be as good as new.




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