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By Mike Johnson on 2020-07-30 19:12:00

United States District Court of The Middle District of Tennessee Chief Judge Waverly D. Crenshaw, Jr. officially declared a mistrial earlier today in the Jeff Jarrett and Global Wrestling Entertainment vs. Anthem Wrestling (parent company of Impact Wrestling) lawsuit, PWInsider can exclusively confirm.

As reported earlier today, Anthem filed for a mistrial after the verdict came in from the jury, claiming that Jarrett's attorney had prejudiced them by noting that Anthem's Ed Nordholm was not present on 7/20 for court proceedings as he was in attendance at an Impact Wrestling TV taping that was ongoing at the same time due to the court moving their scheduled return to session up one day at the last minute,  Anthem's attorneys also claimed that by Jarrett's attorney bringing up financial numbers during the liabilities portion of the closing arguments when it had been stressed by the court that those were to be left for discussion when it was time to cover potential damages and punitive damages, he had also prejudiced the jury.

After a two and a half hour hearing today, Chief Judge Waverly declared a mistrial.  He ordered a 9/11/20 status conference to begin the process of setting up a new trial.  He also ordered that the GFW Amped! tapes be preserved.

The verdict reported earlier today by has been vacated by the court.  The jury in the initial trial has been dismissed.  

What does this mean? It means that the two sides - Jarrett and Anthem - have two courses of action before them.  They can use this as another chance to settle the matter or they can wait and set a new trial date this September.  Should they choose the latter, each side starts from scratch with a brand new jury, spending more money to go through the legal proceedings yet again. 

Obviously, there's no way to predict how this may go moving forward.

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