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By Mike Johnson on 2020-07-30 08:29:00

IWA Mid-South will hold the 2020 King of the Death Matches tournament tomorrow, Friday 7/31 and Saturday 8/1, airing live on FITE.TV for the first time in the event's history.  The event will take place in Connersville, Indiana at the World's Finest Arena with a crowd capped at 250 fans total and social distancing and masks required.

Night One will feature the following first round matches:

*Round One - Shame Mercer vs. John Wayne Murdoch - No Rope Barbed Wire Carribean Spider Web Double Hell Death Match.

*Round One - Eddy Only vs. Jeff King - Desert Storm Taipei Death Match featuring Barbed Wire Boards & Cactus in the corners; Pits of hot coals around the ring.

*Aero Boy vs. Tristen Ramsey in a Death from Above match featuring light tube bundles holding mystery boxes - when the tubes are broken; the contents of the box will be dropped onto the wrestler below.

*Josh Crane vs. Dale Patricks - Barefoot Bad Landing Death Match featuring multiple boxes with items you do not want to land on barefoot.

*Rickey Shane Page vs. Devon Moore - Barbed Wire Madness Stairway to Hell Match.

*Eric Ryan vs. BC Killer - Glass Galore Texas Death Match featuring Pits of Glass, Bundles of Light Tubes, Panes of Glass, Log Cabins and Texas Death Match rules.

*Casanova Valentine vs. Shlak  - Fans Bring the Weapons.

*Orin Veidt vs. Jimmy Lloyd - World Series of Electrified Light Tubes featuring a ring surrounded by pools of lemon juice,salt and rubbing alcohol plus pits of insulation.

Night One will also feature IWA Mid-South Champion Ace Perry vs. Jake Crist vs. Kevin Giza.

Night Two will feature the finals of the King of the Death Match 2020 as well as Aaron Williams vs. Chris Dickinson.

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