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By Mike Johnson on 2020-07-30 10:00:00

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Any update on Tammy Sytch?

As I type this, she remains incarcerated without bail in New Jersey and has a bench warrant out for her arrest in Pennsylvania.  There has been no known legal movement in either of her cases.

Why would AEW bring in Cameron when there are so many women who are great on the independents as opposed to an older name?

Well, they have used a lot of women from the independents.  My guess is they wanted someone who was local in Florida and who had some name value to add to their women's tag team division.  She's 32 so to say she's old is pretty silly, especially since she hasn't been wrestling regularly, so it's not like she's put a beating on her body.  We have to see how it plays out but my guess is they will be using Cameron and Vickie Guerrero to help build up Nyla Rose.  

Was Eddie Kingston signed by AEW?

Not as of this writing, which to me, is amazing.  He absolutely earned a job in my opinion.

Whatever happened to Austin Theory?

He's still with WWE but has been pulled from TV.  No one will confirm why, but his disappearance came after an allegation was made against him during the #SpeakingOut movement online.

I really enjoyed the Gallows & Anderson and Ian Rotten interviews this week but each of them were promoting PPVs on FITE that air at the same time.  What should I watch?

Watch both.  FITE puts up an instant replay as soon as the shows are over.  Or, order both and flip back and forth!

The passing of Kat LeRoux made me wonder whatever happened to Misty Blue Simmes?

To the best of my knowledge, Simmes is still alive but just hasn't been involved in pro wrestling in a long time.  I am really surprised no one has brought her in for a convention appearance.  There are a lot of fans with fond memories of her work.

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