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By Anthony Pires on 2020-07-29 20:21:00

We are possibly live from the beautiful Daley's Place in Jacksonville, home of the Jaguars, 2X AFC Runners Up.  YOUR announcers are Good Ol Jr, Taz and Tony Schiavone.  Should be a big show tonight and a real test if AEW can keep up the ratings momentum.  I'm thinking tonight is the night MJF stakes his claim as the true #1 contender and, of course, I'd like to be the first to congratulate the mighty Dark Order on their impending AEW World Tag Team Title win.  You should join them, seriously.  I have more friends now than EVER.

The pyro is aplenty and I've already seen that stupid Pineapple Pete!  The DemoGod is out first.  DAMN AEW is going all out.  Inner Circle v. Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy right off the bat.  W.  hy Sammy isn't singing is beyond me.  The fact that this is out first tells me AEW has a big night planned.  Then again, I'm sure the confetti will fly when the mighty Dark Order win the belts so they may not want to have matches after the mess.  10 Man tags can be a cluster so I'm guessing our personal hero Cory Strode is in bullet point mode.  Jake Hager and OC kicks things off.  We get the kicks and lazy attitude right off the bat and its already a donnybrook.  Luchasaurus cleans out the ring and he and Hager try to lawn dart Marko Stunt.  OC is by himself and he's chillin with the sunglasses.  Now the Spanish God gets ganged up on.  Good to see him back.  Hopefully, he's learned a valuable lesson.  Not expecting much out of Hager as he's got a Bellator training camp starting soon but JR already is bringing up his unfulfilled potential.  Can't help but think a seed is being planted.  10 man tags are always tough from a fluidity standpoint.  

Sammy seems to be the heart and soul of the IC in this one, Hager is picking his spots.  IC is tagging in and out with lightning speed.  Trent is taking the brunt of the action as Hager and Luchasaurus jaw jack with each other.  Luchasaurus tags in and Ortiz and Santana are bumping like mad here and NOW the big hosses go at it.  Superman punch by Cassidy.  I'm guessing referee Aubrey Edwards has lost track of who is legal.  I can't entirely blame her.  OC prevents Jericho from using Floyd.  This is all action but WAIT A SECOND.  Matt Hardy through the crowd.  He interferes and costs the Inner Circle the win.  What was that.  He targeted Sammy Guevara but why?  He promised us we'd see the real Matt Hardy but honestly just got the way of a good match.  I really can't say that was an ideal ended.  To the shock and awe of nobody, Guevara eats the pin, some things never change.  Action packed match but nothing stood out.

Main event will be Mox and Darby vs. Brian Cage and Ricky Starks.  Moxley is in the bowels on Dailey's Place throwing a warning  to Brian Cage, calling Darby Allin his compadre.  Big night for Starks in what has been a breakout year, main eventing the NWA January PPV and now headlining on National TV.  The big National TV AEW debut of Warhorse is next as he challenges Cody for the TNT belt.  I've heard a lot about this guy, this'll be my first time seeing him.  These open challenges have been excellent thus far, some real stars have been discovered.  Warhorse is here to rule ass.  I have to admire his nerve.  Cody is 16-1 in 2020.  You can't say he hasn't been busy.

Kid doesn't look bad so far and was kind of ticked off when Cody did the Okada break.  I do appreciate Cody heeling as he gets frustrated after some big offense by Warhorse as we go to commercial.

We're back and Cody is frustrated, not being able to put the upstart away.  Warhorse turned over  afigure 4 right away.  From what I'm seeing, Warhorse isn't bad at all.  Fundamentally sound, I'm guessing there's some spectacular moves in his arsenal waiting to unload.  JR brings up Cody being an executive.  I honestly don't like them using that as storyline fodder.  It makes it seem like the EVP is pushing himself.  Cody with another W with the figure 4.  Match was OK, bordering on "Eh" and here's the MIGHTY DARK ORDER.  I think it's 4 and 5.  Matt Cardona with the save.  I guess Long Island Iced Z is now a top talent here.  I LOVE Cody's stuff.  Tonight was a huge miss for me.

Tony Schiavone is out with Le Champion and the Inner Circle and they are FURIOUS.  I could listen to Le Champion and Sammy gripe all day.  Rematch between OC and Jericho on Aug 12.  Next week we will have a debate between the 2 with a special guest moderator.  Santana says Jericho smells like cat pee.  And now we have a major contract signing.  Arn Anderson is acting as FTR's consultant.  Strangely, the contract seems to be about enforcing the rules of Tag Team Wrestling.  Looks like the contract is for tag team appreciation night.  Adam Page celebrates with them.  FTR complains that he brought the cheap champagne.  Tony says they're officially signed to AEW.

And now, it's time for Dark Order highlights.  Honestly you could fill 2 hours solid with their highlights.  And it is time.  The moment, possibly the greatest moment in AEW history is upon us.  Dark Order vs Kenny Omega and Adam Page for the AEW World Tag Team Titles.  Anna Jay is with Brodie Lee.  Evil Uno looks to be in the best shape of his life. Omega and Page are arguing right off the bat.  Grayson is an athletic freak.  I feel like Pat Patterson the night Hogan won his first WWF title.  I don't even want to talk I wanna watch the match.  Omega and Page clearly break all the rules and double team poor Evil Uno.  I've said it before and I'll keep saying it.  Adam Page has IT.  I see a big World title run for him.  Anna Jay as the first lady of the Dark Order is great stuff.  I'm glad they're following up.  I bet Anna will win more, have more friends AND be more successful in life.  Seems like they're going for an Allie "Bunny" charxter based on the outfit.  

We're back from commercial and the Dark Order is in full control. Omega breaks every rule in the book.  Seriously, why people hate on Uno and Grayson is beyond me.  Talented, fluid, solid gimmick.  Brodie Lee looks unhappy.  Champs are in control as they hit the last call for the pin.  This is a sad sad day for professional wrestling.  Brodie Lee is not handling this well. Neither am I.  The full power of the Dark Order comes out but FTR with their ever present Styrofoam cooler makes the save.  Sadness reigns.

We FINALLY get a promo from Dr. Britt Baker.  Big Swole must face an opponent of her choosing.

Diamanre v Hikaru Shida is up.  I'm hoping they can make a contender here.  Shida's entrance is great.  Code of Honor NOT adhered to .  I'm guessing Big Swole won'e be getting an interview this week during Shida's match.  THe Ivy League MVP Griff Garrsion is at ringside.  Seems like a waste to have Jake Roberts there and not have him at least get involved in the TNT Title match in some way.  They need to rehab Lance Archer ASAP.  Diamante looking solid so far, actually a lot better than last week.  Nice stunner by Diamante.  Ugly looking Destroyer attempt by Diamante.  Knee strike by the champion for a perfunctory win. Not much to this at all.  I'm hoping Vickie Guerrero cuts a promo on her t least but no such luck.

Apparently the women's tag team cup will be a random draw for partners.  Ugh!  I'm having WCW Lethal Lottery flashbacks.  Here's Vickie.  We had our first draw.  Nyla Rose is supposed to team with Ariane aka the former Cameron.

Time for MJF to give his state of pro wrestling.  I can't love this guys cadence more. MJF correctly points put the travesty of him not being spotlighted every week on Dynamite.  AEW needs change and HERE is the challenge to Moxley.  MJF wants #NotMyChampion to trend.  Jon Moxley is apparently responsible for every war, famine and disease.  Poignant remarks from MJF and flat out challenges Moxley at All Out.

Main Event time and no sign of Darby Allin as Moxley comes through the crowd.  Taz, removed from the booth, cuts his usual grest hype promo building up Cage and Absolute Ricky Starks.  Starks gets the mic on his own.  I've enjoyed him since NWA Powerrr debuted.  Allin with a coffin drop as Taz' men make their way to the ring.  Taz returns to the booth.  Cage shakes it right off.  The Allin and Starks issue should make for an excellent one on one as we go to commercial. 

WE have returned.  It's a wild affair to be sure.  My main man Cory Strode would call this a bullet point match.  All 4 down at the same time.  I can't help but think MJF fores the first shot here somewhere.  We've got some plunder.  Combo Coffin DRop/DDT and Cage kicks out.  Darby brings out the thumbtacked skateboard and we get a win for Moxley and Allin out of nowhere.  Anti Climatic to say the least.  Starks' back looks like hell.  Darby wants the AEW Ttile.  Moxley vs Darby Allin next week.

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