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By Dave Scherer on 2020-07-29 10:00:00

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This is a follow up question to the one a reader asked about overexposed women in the WWE. I think the women should be equal to men, but they aren’t. They get one singles title to fight over on each brand. And they get one tag-team title to fight over on all brands. Wouldn’t adding more women, secondary titles and additional tag-team titles for the other brands actually create more storylines overall and therefore use the women better and also give the men a break, too?

If you want to keep the status quo, yes.  Personally I would like to see the men have less Titles.  One tag Title, One secondary Title, that’s it.  Then, add a secondary Title for the women.

Perhaps I'm overthinking this, but why doesn't a majority of the Raw roster have an issue with Seth Rollins' claim of being the Monday Night Messiah?  In addition to possible real life religious objections, from a story line perspective, shouldn't upper card talents be asking/stating "who are you to claim you're the savior of Raw?  I'm more important and critical than you!"  Does the lack of questioning or interaction indicate that this is a second tier story, and that Rollins position on the roster has slipped from the top level too?

I think you are overthinking it.  He is a heel.  He says untrue things.  It’s just the process.  If it wasn’t a badly written work, absolutely what you said makes sense.  He should be a target of everyone.  But that’s not what Raw is.

Though I'm not a Skynyrd fan, thank you for posting that video to cleanse whatever is left of my brain pallette from the PPV.

You are welcome.  The Swamp Thing was unbelievably bad.

I know you get the "best person or team to never win the big one" question a lot but my question is who do you wish NEVER won a world title (feel free to add tag team if you like) . I know David Arquette is the obvious answer but I mean more so full time real wrestlers. Not necessarily just cuz you think they suck but in the sense that it was too early and perhaps whoever they beat didn't get any type of benefit. I think Dolph run was a waste and devalued the title (especially if he's going to have such crappy booking since then. Now when he says "I was world champ.." I shake my head. 

I don’t want to run down anyone that has put in the work and taken bumps so I will go with the person that should have never won the Title is Vince Russo because he put it on himself, in his home town no less, just because he could.  That was an embarrassment to the business.

Is AEW vs NXT really a competition? I enjoy NXT, they have a lot of great talent but at the end of the day it’s a developmental show for WWE. Should AEW really be bragging about beating WWE's C show? If they want to be seen as big time shouldn't they want to be competing with Raw or Smackdown? Shouldn't they aim their trash talk and energy towards beating the big shows?

First, it’s on USA so I don’t see how you can consider it a C show any longer. It’s on national television on a big network.  So, AEW has a right to brag about winning if they want to.  Would I brag?  Publicly? No.  Privately?  Probably a bit.  Now if they ever beat Raw or Smackdown, then I would do a little public chirping.

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