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By Dave Scherer on 2020-07-27 10:00:00

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Did ECW use light tubes?  If not, why because it seems they are a staple of hardcore matches these days.

I don’t remember them ever using them.  If they did, it was not often.  I would guess that Paul Heyman just didn’t like the unpredictability of the glass breaking in a bad way.

So, yet again AEW in such a short time offends me.  Now after a supposed "indefinite" suspension, Sammy Guevara is back after only 1 month.  What kind of message does that send to their roster in regards to decent behavior and respect?

Couple of things to me.  One, what he said was dumb and out of line.  He apologized and reached out to apologize to Sasha Banks.  To me it’s important to see if there was a pattern of behavior or not.  So far, we have only heard the one remark, which was made years ago.  He was suspended and told to get counseling.  He missed a month.  Then you have to ask yourself what is the point of a suspension or incarceration?  Rehabilitation.  So if he has seen the error of his ways, how long do you keep him out?  I think a month was fair.  If he ever does it again, the penalty should be much stiffer.

Is it just me, or is the best part of all the bad wrestling we get nowadays getting to listen to Jim Cornette rant about it? Instead of bringing back Heyman, Bischoff, or Prichard, maybe Vince should place a call to Louisville and give Jim Cornette a job pointing out stupid ideas before they get on TV. 

I don’t need to listen to Jim rant about it, I rant about it enough myself (guess you aren’t an Elite member).  The problem isn’t people being able to point out stupid ideas.  Plenty of people can do that.  But Vince has the final say and until HE thinks they are stupid, it doesn’t matter who is brought in.

Hi, question about the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame inductees.  When do you think WWE will hold the WWE Hall of Fame inductions and speeches for the inductees?  Will they be pushed to next years HOF ceremony at Wrestlemania?  Later this year?  Will these people just be inducted without a ceremony and a chance to give a speech?  I’m just curious as to what you think or if you have heard anything.  

As it stands right now, internally people in WWE are moving forward as if there won’t be live events probably for the rest of this year.  Who knows when they actually will be able to run, I sure don’t.  So if we get into next year when they start running again, to me it makes the most sense to just do this year’s class next year.

With  the recently signed talents that have signed with Impact wrestling, is that a way to be passive aggressive by getting a place to work which they need to without potentially burning a bridge by signing with AEW and there for eliminating any chance of returning to WWE in the future?

I don’t think that’s the case with any of the talents.  I mean, WWE let them all go and in most cases did almost nothing with them.  People like EC3 and Eric Young have a history in Impact and mean more there.  Gallows and Anderson wanted a deal where they could work in Japan too.  I just think it made the most sense for them to go to Impact.  Plus, AEW can’t take in everyone.

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