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By Kendall Jenkins on 2020-07-24 08:40:00

CBD Dabs | Best CBD Wax and Dabs of 2020

The world of CBD has evolved beyond just taking CBD oil regularly or smoking CBD-rich cannabis strains.

Nowadays, people want more convenience and variety in their CBD routine, allowing them to choose the best method that suits them. For example, some people enjoy taking their CBD in either dab or wax form, a newish way of enjoying cannabis products that a lot of people have never even heard of.

But how are you supposed to get into the world of CBD wax and dabs if you have no idea what they are? For that matter, how can you find the best products to get started?

Here is a little guide to the best CBD wax and dabs, so that you can ensure you buy the right thing.     

What Is CBD Wax?

CBD wax, and CBD dabs in general, are often considered an alien concept to many people. If you have ever watched someone use a dab, it probably looked totally foreign to you.

However, CBD wax is actually insanely simple to understand. It is a form of CBD dab, which is a type of CBD concentrate. In other words, it’s a super-concentrated, distilled form of CBD.

Necessarily, CBD dabs are pretty much pure cannabidiol, with no other ingredients added. This leaves them in a variety of physical states, depending on the temperature used in the extraction process.

CBD wax is named because of its inherently waxy consistency. It is almost crumbly, while still being tacky and pliable, almost like beeswax. Producers allow it to cool quite quickly while it is still hot, letting it set into a waxy, crumbly texture as it hardens.

As a CBD dab, you consume wax through a technique called dabbing.

Dabbing involves consuming CBD concentrates using a dab rig. You place the CBD concentrate on the ultra-hot nail, allowing it to vaporize as soon as it touches the metal. You then inhale the vaporized smoke, making for a hassle-free and surprisingly tasty way to imbibe your CBD.

So, what are the best CBD wax products on the market?

The Best CBD Wax & CBD Dabs

Finding the best CBD wax and CBD dabs depends on what you are actually looking for.

If you are looking for the most popular option, you probably want to look at CBDfx. CBDfx’s CBD dabs are incredibly well-reviewed and well-loved, reputed as being some of the highest quality CBD dabs out there.

But what if you are only interested in finding the best flavor of CBD wax? For great flavor, you likely want to take a look at CBD Living.

CBD Living offers up all kinds of different CBD waxes, but the best part is how diverse the flavor range is. Using terpene profiles from popular strains like Durban Poison and Orange Cookies, you can easily enjoy the taste of your favorite marijuana strain in your wax at barely any extra cost.

While great taste is, of course, very important, some people really only care about one thing: CBD concentration. For some, the only thing that matters is finding the highest strength CBD concentrates around.

For those looking for a big CBD dose, the best option is Highland Pharms, with up to 95% purity in these CBD concentrates. Along with the additional terpenes included for increased efficacy, Highland Pharms is likely the most reliable CBD concentrate brand in the world right now, offering up all kinds of practical solutions for CBD needs.  

Finally, for the more budget-conscious out there, you should take another look at CBD Living's CBD concentrates, as they offer up a regular amount of CBD wax for the cheapest price yet, at only $0.06 per milligram. This makes them not only an excellent choice for better flavors, but for more affordable options as well.

Final Thoughts on CBD Dabs: Best CBD Wax and Dabs of 2020

The thing to understand about taking CBD dabs and CBD concentrates, in general, is that there is an almost endless range of different types available these days. It all depends on your priorities and what you are looking for that influences what type you should get.

Head to WayofLeaf for more info on CBD waxes and CBD dabs, but just keep in mind what it is you want out of your CBD concentrates. The best thing to do is to get ta product that is right for you.

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