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By Mike Johnson on 2020-07-23 10:00:00

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I remember watching an old ECW show where there was a match called Ultimate Jeopardy, and the ending of the match was Shane Douglas pinning Terry Funk via the piledriver for the title. Could you help explain the history of this match as I also saw other wrestlers involved in this match as well?

Ultimate Jeopardy was a 1994 Steel Cage match that headlined a Valley Forge, PA ECW event. The match had Wargames rules with the idea that everyone was facing a stipulation if they lost. The result of the match saw Shane Douglas, Mr. Hughes and The Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge) defeat Road Warrior Hawk, Kevin Sullivan, Tazz and Terry Funk in a WarGames Match. Terry Funk's ECW Heavyweight Title on the Line. Douglas pinned Funk. As a result of stipulations, Douglas won the ECW Title. Had Hawk been pinned, he would have had to give up the Road Warrior gimmick. Had Douglas lost, his head would have been shaved. Public Enemy would have been forced to split up. Tazz & Sullivan would have been forced to split up, etc.

Why did WWE used to have Michelle McCool dressing out of Van Halen's Hot for Teacher when she debuted?

It was a play on the fact she was a school teacher before entering pro wrestling?

Whatever happened to WWE's planned Diva Search style reality series returning?

The on/off process of launching that series never made it past the casting phase, to the best of my knowledge.

Would WWE Network have the rights to their Quibi series?  I don't want to subscribe for just a few ten minute shows.

My guess is that Quibi probably has an exclusivity to the rights for a certain period of time, at which point WWE could add it to the Network.

In the late 1990's I remember a few professional photos of Shawn Michaels wearing an nWo shirt at what I believe was a WWF photo shoot were leaked via the internet. Was WWF planning an angle, or just trying to stir up discussion?

I recall the photo in question, but it was a photo that was taken of Michaels by an independent photographer, not something that WWE shot or leaked.   I believe it was the late Georgiann Makropolous who originally published the photo. It was a big deal among fans at the time because of how hot the WWF vs. WCW Monday Night War rivalry was, but there was never anything more to it than what it was. 

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