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By Mike Johnson on 2020-07-20 16:28:00

As reported last night in our Elite section, Vince McMahon was very hands-on with the production of last night's Eye for An Eye match at Extreme Rules featuring Rey Mysterio against Seth Rollins, which Rollins won.

The bout was taped yesterday afternoon at the WWE Performance Center in order for all elements that were needed to be produced properly but one aspect that was taped did not make the final edit, has confirmed.

Using prosthetic makeup, WWE shot an entire sequence that would have seen Mysterio's eye pop out, which as scripted was the moment that would have "led" to Seth Rollins vomiting on-screen originally. has confirmed with multiple sources that Vince McMahon hated the look of the effect and the sequence, so it was removed and edited out of the final broadcast of the Rollins vs. Mysterio bout.  

WWE will follow up on the aftermath of the Eye for An Eye match tonight on Monday Night Raw with Rollins slated to wrestle Aleister Black.  Mysterio is at the WWE Performance Center today as well to continue his storyline.

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