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By Mike Johnson on 2020-07-20 13:58:00

3:07 PM Update: WWE started taping about 45 minutes ago.

WWE was slated to begin taping tonight's episode of Raw at 1 PM but as of this writing at 2:06 PM EST, still have yet to begin taping any content at the WWE Performance Center. is told the company is deep into re-working their original plans for today's taping.  There is a belief among some we have spoken to that the re-writes are due to talents originally written into the show no longer being available to perform but has been unable to 100% verify that is correct.  It is entirely possible the poor reaction to Extreme Rules led to changes in direction.  The show received one of the worst post-show poll responses in recent memory here on the site.

WWE is slated to tape tonight's episode as well as next week's episodes of Monday Night Raw and Raw Talk as well as Main Event episodes today.

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