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By Dave Scherer on 2020-07-22 10:01:00

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Chris Jericho called out Vince McMahon on Twitter for firing Lance Storm.  Will that ruin their relationship?

I don’t know what their relationship is now that Jericho went to AEW but I don’t think he cares all that much if it’s destroyed.  If he did, he would have never gone to AEW.  Jericho looks like he is having a ball and the companies are in competition.  Anything goes.  Vince will be 75 next month so who knows how things will go between them as he gets older.  

Do you enjoy Jericho on commentary?

I LOVE him on commentary.  He was great during the early pandemic days and now when he is on, he pops me every time.  His “he’s my favorite wrestle” bit from last week was fantastic.  He is great in that role.

I was watching an old episode of "Prime Time" wrestling on the WWE Network and they were showing matches from Madison Square Garden and the referee completely botched the finish in two matches.  First was in a Harley Race/Tony Garea match.  Harley hit Garea with a awesome fisherman suplex (a "Perfect Plex") and the referee counted two and then stopped and started feeling under Garea's shoulders, like he was double and triple checking to see if he was pinned (he was, of course -- these two pros did the move perfectly).  You could see Garea scream at him to "COUNT!" and he did another three count.  The whole thing looked awful, Garea and Race were clearly angry, and Gorilla Monsoon on commentary starting bad-mouthing the ref like I've never heard.  Then, in a later women's match, he does the EXACT SAME THING -- after the pinning move, he stops at two, starts to check the shoulders.  The women broke the hold, screamed at him, and then did a couple of moves and then redid the pinning sequence. Made me wonder -- what was the worst referee screw-up that you've ever seen?  The most famous one for me is obviously Nick Patrick not making the fast count on Sting during Starcade '97 and ruining that match, but wondering in all the matches you've seen, what do you think was the worst?

I think you could pick from Rick Knox’s gems in AEW.  He has made some classics.  But I will take it in a different direction and go with Earl Hebner screwing Bret Hart.  That was a total BS finish, even though it was planned.  And it helped spur WWE onto the greatest period of product in its history!

When I saw that Brian Pillman, Jr had a match on AEW Dark, I hoped that there was interest. Then Shawn Spears beat him without the foreign object, and then beat him down after the match. Do you know any reason AEW would go out of their way to crap all over Pillman? I'm really high on him. He seems to be a natural, progressing beyond his experience.

The way I see it, it’s AEW Dark.  They brought him in and took a look.  Unless they signed him and have big plans, he isn’t going to come in and beat a regular talent that they have.  They took him for a test ride, so to speak.  I wouldn’t worry.  He’s got a ton of talent, no doubt.

Should Jericho’s Demographic God gimmick be a one week and done?

YES!  Absolutely. There is no need for the company do that.  The people that matter know how well AEW does in the 18 to 49 demographic and those that don’t know, don’t matter!

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