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By Dave Scherer on 2020-07-21 10:00:00

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You recently answered a question about whether the USA Network would cut WWE some slack and let them take a few weeks off from producing content while the Coronavirus is still not under control.  I do think you’re right that USA would allow it but is the relationship with FOX a bit too fragile to ask that?  Okay, they’re not demanding live programming but after less than a year into the deal and with disappointing ratings even before the pandemic do you think FOX would be as generous?

I think if there were an outbreak among WWE talent, FOX would be very understanding with WWE having to postpone delivering new content.  Beyond that, I can’t say.  But I do think Vince McMahon wants to collect ever penny in TV money that he can collect, so it’s probably a moot issue anyway.

Glen Jacobs (aka. Kane) was the lone vote opposed to mandating masks in certain indoor settings in his county.  Do you have any idea why he would take this stance at this time when the virus is surging dangerously, and do you look at him or his views any differently because of his vote opposing mandatory masks?

He is a Libertarian, that is what his party does.  They put individual rights over what’s good for society.  So no, it doesn’t change my opinion of him at all since I knew that was who he was before he did it.

Watching the Jericho/Orange Cassidy match had me thinking of the massive crowd reactions it would have received had there been a live crowd in attendance.  What are some matches or moments that occurred during the no-audience era where you wish it could have happened in front of a live crowd because the reactions would have made it that much more special?

Right off the bat, Drew McIntyre beating Brock Lesnar comes to mind.  There are a lot of them, too many to list to be honest.  Fans add a lot to the product and they are missed.

If other countries in say Asia or Europe begin having arena events sooner than the US could you see WWE bringing talent abroad for an extended amount of time and hold live TV events for Raw, Smackdown, and NXT? Also PPVs?

It would depend on whether those countries would even let Americans in.  Right now, we are not welcome due to the way the virus is ravaging the country.  If they get it under control, do the let us in?  Probably not.  If so,  I think a lot of talents would balk at moving to a country for a few months at a time.  I can’t see any country not, at least, having Americans quarantine for two weeks so the workers would be out of their homes for a while.  As I said the other day, Canada or Mexico make the most sense to me since we are on the same continent and in the same time zones.  But do they want Americans?

A question in the Q&A about WWE taking time off got me wondering - why doesn’t WWE, if they are going to insist on running non-stop throughout COVID, follow the lead of the NBA and create a “bubble” for talent, staff and their families? Certainly, the company has the resources to rent a large block of hotel rooms or condos and create an area where the employees can stay for an extended period with their families, allowing them to work and reduce the likelihood of transmitting the virus. My guess is that this makes too much sense and would require VKM to spend on his employees so, much like the way he requires them to foot the bill for travel, it is probably a non-starter.

I honestly don’t know if he would be willing to do it or not, but I think a LOT of the talent would balk at that.  NBA players make millions of dollars so to be in a bubble for a few months is a trade off they are willing to make.  NBA players will be working a lot, as the schedule will have a lot of games.  Most WWE wrestlers don’t even make a million dollars a year.  And, they would be stuck in the bubble with a LOT of down time.  I don’t see a lot of them wanting to commit to that.  I know that I wouldn’t.  I would stay home instead.

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