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By Dave Scherer on 2020-07-19 10:00:00

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As a follow up to a question from today, if WWE decided to move WM37 to a different country, which cities do you think would be in the running, based on today's civid 19 situation? I would have to think Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver would be in the running.  Perhaps Saudi Arabia as well, since there is so much money involved.  I would think London would be too risky at this point.  Any other cities you could see in the running?

It’s too soon to say really, given that the virus is still prevalent in society.  I think the best case scenario would be to run in North America so that the time zones line up to America, where WWE does the lion’s share of their business.  If Canada can keep things under control, which we can’t do in the USA right now, I would go with Toronto.

In your opinion do you see Chris Melendez getting signed by WWE? Do you think Devon and Bubba Dudley did enough? 

I have nothing but respect for the guy, what he is able to do on one leg is amazing.  He was trained very well.  He has been a free agent for four years.  If WWE was going to sign him, I think that they would have by now.

Q & A question any truth to the rumors that NWA  Will cease operations if so what happens to the name and talents.

Billy Corgan has responded to the rumor and said that they are not shutting down.

Am I the only one scratching my head at the FTW championship?  Cage's world title match is delayed ONE WEEK, so Taz gives Cage a belt, and then in that title match, Cage loses.  Why exactly does Cage deserve a belt?  The FTW championship is now basically a participation trophy!

No, you aren’t.  I have no idea why they awarded it before the Title match with Moxley either.  It made no sense to me.  What would have made sense would have been if Cage got screwed, or at least could have said he was screwed, and then Taz awarded him the Title.  Now?  Well, he got the belt, lost clean when Taz threw in the towel, so he is not a champion but has a belt saying he is one.  I don’t get it either.

The dozens of positive COVID cases in WWE happened around the same time that they were allowing friends and family to attend the tapings.  Since it happened before they were actually testing people, and before WWE's mask mandate, is there evidence of a direct correlation between this outbreak and the increased number of people in the building during those few weeks when friends and family attended?

I don’t think there is evidence of that, no.  Talents were traveling to and from Florida and it’s just as likely they infected the “family” as it was the opposite.  The virus is everywhere.

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