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By Dave Scherer on 2020-07-15 10:00:00

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Should Edge and Orton have their blow off at Wrestlemania 37.  I’d say the timetable for Edge coming back from the tricep injury would call for 37 to be when they wrestle anyway, and I don’t think Edge’s comeback would be complete without beating Orton in a stadium filled with people.

If all the factors fall in place and we can actually do a normal Mania, that makes perfect sense.

With star power being very little right now, would it be a smart idea for Drew and Orton to work a long program, maybe even trade the WWE title back and forth?

It could be.  What would be better IMO would be for the company to do a better job in creating new stars.  The problem isn’t the roster, it’s how Creative uses them.  But until they do, Orton-McIntyre may be their best option.

I could understand you not publishing but I got it from an internet meme.  John Cena has been apart of American History for over 15 years, that’s three times as long as the Confederacy has been in American history.  John Cena has won 16 World titles, 3 Wrestlemania main events, and 2 Royal Rumbles.  The Confederacy hasn’t won anything.  So should all the Confederate monuments and statues be taken down and replaced by John Cena statues and Monuments?

Sure, why not.

Where has Shayna Baszler been? I pray you’re not going to say it’s because creative has nothing for her and/or Vince doesn’t see much in her...

She is around and healthy.  She wasn’t being used but made a good return last night on Raw.  I hope it means we will get to see the real Shayna going forward.  Raw could use some stars and she is definitely a star.  I hope Vince can see that.

As a pro wrestling fan for 30+ plus years, I have never understood why Vince leaves so much money on the table regarding missed, no brainer “dream matches” - that should have obviously taken place on the grand Wrestlemania stage. First, Vince books a long Hogan - Flair house show loop MONTHS BEFORE Wrestlemania 8, thereby killing the novelty and suspense of the program for a big, climatic Wrestlemania blowoff between THE two legends of the 1980's. Why? Secondly, why wasn’t Hogan - Austin booked for Wrestlemania 19, instead of a pointless 3rd Austin-Rock Wrestlemania match, which had no title or stipulation on the line? A fresh matchup between 2 of the all-time greats would have received the mainstream media attention that Vince craves, while being FAR more interesting and satisfying for fans. Finally, Vince wastes Cena-Reigns at a random No Mercy 2017 PPV - instead of a can’t miss Wrestlemania 34 main event - that could have fueled weeks or even months of television around this new matchup? Why didn’t these dream matches occur at a Wrestlemania, where WWE could have made the most amount of money and garnered the most amount of attention for itself? (Even their “DreamMania” video game match-ups shown on the WWE Network did well!)

I am with you.  Unfortunately Vince isn’t.  He doesn’t look at “dream matches” the way that fans do, for whatever reason.  There’s definitely a disconnect there.  But he often doesn’t look at the business the way that hardcore fans do.

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