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By Mike Johnson on 2020-07-11 10:00:00

Why is AEW ripping off Moose bringing back the TNA title with Taz making the FTW title appear?

Would you consider Moose declaring himself champion "ripping off" Taz doing that in 1998 in ECW?

What were the circumstances that led to the death of Andre the Giant? Where was he laid to rest?

Andre passed away of a heart attack while in France for the funeral of his father in February 1993.  He was cremated with his ashes scattered along his ranch in North Carolina.

This one's had me wondering lately. When a wrestler (or anyone for that matter) takes a guitar shot to the head, how do they not get all cut up by the strings? I know that they use cheap guitars and all that, but it still seems like the strings would pose an issue. I've seen videos of non-wrestlers taking guitar shots, and the strings don't seem to be an issue with them either. It's like the guitar just explodes and the strings are nowhere to be found.

In a lot of cases, the strings are removed or are so loose, they don't pose an issue.

I recently watched the Wargames where Sid Vicious dropped Brian Pillman on his head and then with Pillman clearly seriously injured picked him up and powerbomed him again.  How bad was Pillman hurt? 

Pillman suffered a concussion and I believe a shoulder injury in that Wargames.

How many Doinks were there?

Matt Borne, Ray Apollo, Steve Keirn, Steve Lombardi and the endless ones we'd see on the independents after they crossed over into this dimension after transversing over from the dimension PT Barnum held them against their will.



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