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By Dave Scherer on 2020-07-12 10:00:00

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If someone had told you, 10 years ago that WWE Raw would be regularly pulling in under 2m viewers, sometimes as low 1.6m… first of all, would you have believed and them? And secondly, what would you have thought back then must have happened for viewership to be so low?

Ten years ago we were well into the decade of Cena/Creative over scripting everything so I wouldn’t have been shocked if someone told me the ratings would drop.  In fact, I would have agreed.  Given that streaming was taking off, as well as interactive video games, I saw more options for people to choose from and figured Raw would be affected unless the product was really good.  With that said, them doing numbers this low, during a pandemic with so little competition?  Not, I wouldn’t have believe that.  I thought WWE would actually see an increase and take advantage of the opportunity but they didn’t.

With Chris Jericho, Tony Khan and a couple of wrestling journalists on twitter now stating the 18-35 demo being ‘won’ by AEW is the real victory over the actual viewership. Could you kindly explain how this is? Surely more viewers is better than less?

It’s a bit complicated.  Under ideal circumstances, winning that demo is the most important thing because that is the audience that advertisers will pay for, the 18-49 year old viewer.  Right now, with ad rates low due to the pandemic, it’s not as important.  Also, if a program does a 0.2 in that demo and 500,000 viewers and another program does a 0.19 in the demo in a million viewers, then the second program actually has more actual viewers in the demo. 

I was wondering about released wrestlers 90 day policy.  If a company chose to rehire a wrestler is it a 2 way decision before the 90 day expires on their old deal say 1 or 2 years?  Like hypothetically could WWE rehire Heath Slater or Anderson/Gallows even if they were planning on going somewhere else or do the wrestlers have to agree to it?  I'm just wondering if WWE could screw Impact by rehiring wrestlers before their July 18th event.

It’s my understanding that in that circumstance a new deal is usually offered.  WWE has all the power in most cases.  I can’t say that 100 percent however as it rarely happens.

Here's a question for you being Brian Pillman Jr is doing s work with AEW what are the chances of seeing Jakob Fatu on one of there shows I've liked his work or even maybe a working relationship with MLW .

He is great, no doubt.  He’s under contract to MLW though so the only way we will see him in AEW any time soon is if a deal is made between the companies.

I was wondering. It seems very random for the WWE to unveil a beautiful, new, finished U.S. Title belt. Do you think it’s a subtle shot at AEW and their incomplete TNT TV Title? AEW says it’s incomplete because of Covid-19 yet the WWE was able to get one designed and built seemingly within a couple of weeks.

Only WWE knows if that was their intention or not.  Would it shock me if it was?  Nope.  Can I say that is why they did it?  Also, nope.

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