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By Dave Scherer on 2020-07-08 10:00:00

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Was it true that Hogan snitched to Vince McMahon regarding Jesse Ventura attempting to unionize right around WrestleMania 2 in 1986? Was that the closest that the industry would've ever seen attempts to come together?

Jesse said that Vince McMahon told him that and admitted it under oath in his lawsuit and on Larry King’s show.  I think it was probably the best chance of it happening.  It’s a shame that the guys didn’t stand up for themselves.

In light of all the recent news of sexual harassment in wrestling and even alleged harassment my question is how do we move forward? Personally I don't condone rape or sexual harassment towards women and if any criminal charges are placed I hope the abusers get the full punishment the law sees fit to deliver. Beyond that when or even how do we as fans start to trust the individuals again?

To me, I don’t.  Anyone who used their position to force women to do things that they don’t want to, I am done with and the business should be too.  If I were a wrestler, I would feel the same way and tell management to never bring them back.

So Undertaker never used the word "retire" in his docu-series which brings a very fair thought. He started his career as Undertaker at Survivor Series 1990, would it not be the most fitting to have his final match at Survivor Series this year to actually complete a full 30 year cycle? I think it would be the best way for him to go out. 

If he wants to, sure.  But to me, the Series PPV isn’t important any more.  He should have his last match at WrestleMania if he gets to choose when it happens, instead of his body doing so, in my opinion.

Like you mentioned,  Mark Calaway/Undertaker never mentioned the word retirement but after all the abuse, wear and tear he has put himself through over the years and he has such a high expectation that he himself has put for his in ring work, do you think it will take nothing less than a really bad match (through no fault of his own mentally but just because he physically can't do it) that he, or Vince, will pull the plug on the in ring work?  Also if anyone deserves a farewell like Ric Flair got, it is Undertaker. Will we ever see one for him like we did for Flair or is he just brushing it off thinking he still has it in him to wrestle?

Given he has had a few of those kinds of matches and fought to come back, I wonder if that would make him do the same thing again.  To me, the best scenario would be for him to plan to have one more match, at Mania, and go out like Shawn Michaels did (though I wouldn’t put the retirement stip on since the fans will hate whoever beats him).  Then he can say farewell afterward.

Should celebration and special event segments on wrestling shows end?  Whether it is a celebration because someone won a title, or a special event such as the wedding of Lashley and Lana, these segments are ALWAYS interrupted and “ruined” for the individuals involved.  As I write this message, Ric Flair is scheduled to name Randy Orton the greatest wrestler ever on tonight’s RAW, and I fully expect that proclamation to go awry.  Given the predictability of these skits, is it time to end them?

They definitely are super predictable, no doubt.  If it were my call, I would phase them back but it’s not my call.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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