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By Dave Scherer on 2020-07-07 10:00:00

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Although Vince McMahon still makes the decisions, do you believe that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were responsible for treating WWE's female talents as equals to the men?

They were absolutely proponents of treating the women as equal, for sure.  In the end, Vince made the decision but I think it’s very fair to say they were instrumental in him making it.

It's been over a month since Jaxson Ryker tweeted support for Trump and other stuff like the "soul man" pic has come up and if I remember correctly neither he nor The Forgotten Sons have been on Smackdown since. Are they done or is their push just paused? Was it the tweet or the gimmick itself? Also, who vets the talent and how could they miss a giant red flag like the "soul man" pic?

I can’t say for sure but like you, I have noticed the timing.  It probably isn’t worth the potential headache to put him on TV right now.  His commentary ticked off a lot of people in the business so it’s probably better to keep him off TV for a while.  It is a shame it affects the actual team though.  They don’t deserve to be smeared by his brush.

Chris Jericho takes credit for killing the "We the People" chant, which he said was a result of bad creative.  If the creative behind the concept was so bad, why did Jake Hager use the catchphrase during several of his MMA fights?  His fights occurred after he left WWE and he really made a point to say "We the People" as often as he could.

MMA is different from wrestling.  There, he was going for a pop.  AEW wants to make Hager into their vision, they don’t want him to use a tired old WWE gimmick.  

Any word on when WWE is going to sign Low Ki And put him against Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre on PPV in the hoss fight, slugfest, dream matches that he, I mean we’ve, all wanted?

I would pay 100 dollars on PPV to see that, I really would.  Watching three actual heavyweight play catch with him and no-sell his small man offense would be the match of the year.

Will Low Ki face any repercussions by any of the promotions he works at for his recent ignorant comments regarding the virus?  And what would the repercussions be, if any, if he currently worked for WWE or AEW?  I would imagine at the very least he would receive admonishment behind the scenes and possibly made to issue a public apology of some sort, and worst case scenario he would lose his job.

I can’t say if he will.  I mean let’s be honest, what is his career right now?  He is a 40 year old little guy who thinks he is a super heavyweight.  He was working for MLW but they have been doing the right thing and not holding live events.  When they get back up and running, will they want to use him?  I can’t say.  I guess it depends on if he keeps posting things to Twitter that tick people off and he doesn’t let the anger die down (or maybe die down).  I just checked his Twitter and he is now posting some even more ignorant stuff than his first tweet.  If he keeps up trying to prove how “right he was”, I hope he makes himself someone that no one wants to book, other than as the dodgeball in the match listed above.  I also hope that if he thinks that he can beat the virus and no one dies from it, he puts his Warrior self to the test and goes to one of those “Let’s Catch COVID” parties that dimwits are having in Alabama and we can all see what happens.  As I mentioned over the weekend, my new name for the former Bad Ass Brandon is now Low IQ.  

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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