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By Mike Johnson on 2020-07-04 11:56:00

Over the last several days, has received questions about the status of Bully Ray within Ring of Honor.

The WWE Hall of Famer is done with the promotion as his contract expired on 4/1.  His exit had been agreed upon and planned by both sides with the original plan being Ray staying until the now-canceled Supercard of Honor event over Wrestlemania 36 weekend in Florida to finish out a storyline with Maria Manic.  

The end of Rays run had been a mutually agreed upon decision prior to the COVID-19 pandemic taking hold and the series of events that world has been plunged into since March had no bearing on the situation.  There was no heat between Ray and the company, just a realization that he had done all he could do there currently.

So, Ray is 100% a free agent and could work or sign elsewhere if the right deal comes along.

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