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By Dave Scherer on 2020-07-05 10:00:00

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There might be an obvious answer to this, but, God forbid, if enough talent test positive for the COVID 19 virus and can't do anything for a couple weeks, is there a chance that the WWE just can't tape anything for Raw and/or Smackdown due to lack of available talent?  Or if they have to, show like best of's in the place of normal broadcasting until they can get everyone well enough to wrestle again?

In 2020 nothing would shock me.  I would hope WWE would never let it get to the point where they have even half the roster positive but you never know anymore.  If that happened and they couldn’t put on a new show, my guess is that they would use some of the stuff from recent PPVs, as they did early on.

With countries like New Zealand hosting rugby and Djok’s tennis match (which unfortunately resulted in covid hit) having fans, has Vince thought about running abroad right now? I feel like taping every other night for a week abroad would produce much better tv than performance center, even if they need to layer in promos and other stuff from the PC to keep the show current. Sure, spoilers will get out, but I think it would be much better than current. 

Given the restrictions involved with traveling, plus all of the countries that won’t let Americans in due to the way we have poorly handled COVID-19, it doesn’t matter if he has thought about it, we wouldn’t be welcome.

When will Vince get the message that three hours is too much for Raw? This is reflected in the ratings where most times there is a big drop off from hour two to three. Do you agree that three hours is just too much or do you think that if the product was better they would be able to hold people's attention for the the hours?

I think two hours is the right length and I am confident the ratings would go up if that was the length of the show.  But as long as USA wants three hours and they pay for it, we will get it.

Even as a joke to get a cheap laugh, Sammy's comment about rape was disgusting and it's a subject that should not be joked about. But do you think the punishment was fair and justified only a few weeks after AEW heavily promoted, paid and let a convicted rapist on their shows? Shouldn't AEW release a statement on that? And do you think Mike Tyson will ever appear on any AEW show since the speaking out movement started?

This is a matter of opinion.  A lot of people have worked with Tyson since he left prison.  I find the crime of rape to be the worst of all the felonies but if I am being fair, I have to also remember that the point of going to jail is pay your debt to society and become rehabilitated.  Whether I like what Tyson was convicted of or not, he did do those things.  He lives in my area now and I never hear of him doing anything bad.  At this point, he already faced his accuser and paid his debt.

Are road agents/producers in professional wrestling still necessary in this day and age?

Yes, they are.  Obviously with no live events you don’t need as many of them, but you do need them to handle matches at TV.

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