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By Mike Johnson on 2020-07-02 10:00:00

Has there ever been any official word on why Robert Stone transitioned from wrestler (former Impact X-Division, TV, and Tag champ) into the manager role? He’s only 36. 

He's doing what WWE wants him to do.  

Could you elaborate on the incident that occurred backstage between New Jack and Junkyard Dog at the WrestlePalooza ‘98 PPV?

There's not much to elaborate on.  New Jack beat him up because, as Jack has stated, JYD owed him money.

In the mid ‘90s, Ian Rotten was in a tag team and then feud with Axl Rotten. By the early 2000s, he was running his own promotion and regularly featuring a young CM Punk, among other notables. Do you have any idea what happened in the years between? It seems shocking to me that somebody who had any name recognition couldn’t get national work during the biggest boom period in history.

He left ECW after a dispute over money.  He wasn't able to find work elsewhere and opted to open his own independent promotion, which has continued to run.  The blood and guts style Rotten did wasn't going to lend itself to WWF and WCW in that era.

It looks like the main event of Living Dangerously 2000 was going to be Mike Awesome vs Rob Van Dam, but then RVD broke his ankle. Do you have any insight on where they were going? World title vs TV title, winner take all? And who would you have had go over?

ECW was so haphazard that I don't think even Paul Heyman knew what the main event of that show was going to be when Rob was injured.  My guess is there would have been a tag bout where RVD pinned Awesome clean.  The idea before the injury was that there would be a long chase of Awesome before RVD finally, finally won the big title.

Was it true that Hogan snitched to Vince McMahon regarding Jesse Ventura attempting to unionize right around WrestleMania 2 in 1986? Was that the closest that the industry would've ever seen attempts to come together?

That was always been Jesse Ventura's contention.

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