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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-30 17:00:00

A number of NXT UK talents have taken to social media over the last few hours, noting their excitement about soon being back in the ring.

We are told that while there was a lot of speculation about a conference call held today with members of the talent roster, the call was more or less a chance for WWE officials to touch base with the NXT UK roster, telling them to be ready to get back to work when the time was right.   There's been talk of taping material for NXT UK soon but nothing is concrete in terms of when that will be.  WWE obviously has a plan as last week's TV episode saw talents beginning to cut promos and teasing rivalries again, as opposed to just overviews of older content.

Talents were also made clear that any future allegations against talent will be taken seriously by the company and that WWE would be taking an extremely hard-line stance against them.   That falls in line with what has heard over the last week, which is that the company won't tolerate any future issues and will be very quick to release and suspend talents and even revoke potential new deals from talents should anything come up.



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