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By Dave Scherer on 2020-07-01 10:00:00

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I have a friend who saw Low Ki’s tweet and agrees with him, saying it’s his right to not wear a mask in public.  I told him to watch Kevin Owens’ video, where he talks about how he will wear a mask for the sake of society and mentioned the pain he experienced due to the COVID death in his family.  I then asked him if he changed his mind.  He said no, his rights are more important than caring about someone else.  What would you tell him to convince he is wrong?

First off, I would take about ten deep breaths because I would realize the huge challenge ahead of me as some people don’t exactly have an open mind about this issue.  As you and I know, we don’t wear masks to protect ourselves, we wear them to protect society on the whole.  We wear them not to keep ourselves from getting the virus, but to keep it to ourselves if we happen to have COVID-19. We use the mask as a way to not spread it to others and grow the infection rate in our community.  So the first thing I would tell your friend is that very fact.  Too many people say they don’t wear a mask because at first we were told they wouldn’t help, now we are told they will, so they don’t know what to believe.  Make it clear to him that what they told us at first was true, masks won’t keep us from getting the disease.  They will keep us from spreading it.  But, he may not care about whether he is a modern day Typhoid Mary, so at that point the best way to go is to try to appeal to how the pandemic will affect him personally.

First off, ask him how his life has been affected in the last three plus months.  Has he lost work, is he working less, or at all?  Has he had to take a job that he doesn’t want just to  make ends meet, if that, and survive?  Has he depleted his savings, if he had any to begin with?  Start there.

Then talk some current events with them.  In a little over three months, multiple companies have filed for bankruptcy, including Cirque Du Soliel here in Las Vegas yesterday. Pier One is among the companies that said that the virus killed them and they are shutting down.  Make it clear the effect it’s having on things he may like.  Then ask him about the local businesses that he likes to support in his community.  Point out that most small businesses work on a small margin of profit and the longer they are shut down, the more it threatens their long term viability.  I am from the New Jersey shore.  This year Fourth Of July falls on a Saturday.  It’s the perfect day of the week for the biggest weekend of the summer, and due to the virus, none of the restaurants are allowed to let patrons eat inside which will cost them a huge amount of money on the biggest week of the year.  Those businesses have four months to make their money and they just lost the biggest weekend of the year.  They can’t get that money back and this time next year, many of those formerly profitable businesses will not be back as they will be forced to shut down (I know, friends who own businesses back there have told me so).  Here in Nevada, our Governor announced yesterday that we will stay in Phase 2 for at least another month (when many had hoped we would go to Phase 3).  He even made it crystal clear that if cases keep going up, we very well may go back to Phase 1.  If that happens, even more money will be lost from both businesses and the people that work at them.  The longer businesses are hurt, the more the chances rise that jobs that were there in February may never come back, maybe one of them is his.  

Or maybe he works for the government and will tell you that doesn’t matter to him, he’s safe.  Remind him that as the economy is stalled, revenues are dropping for municipalities, cities, states and the country itself.  With less revenue in all but the Federal government, who doesn’t have to balance a budget, cuts will come when revenue doesn’t come in.  Maybe that means his job, maybe it means he gets to stay and do his work, plus the work of the people who get laid off.

Then point out to him that it’s not just local, it’s national and now international.  This weekend, Texas has closed down bars.  Arizona announced they were stepping back and announced the closure of multiple businesses yesterday.  Many beaches are shut down in Florida on the biggest weekend of the summer.  All of that money that would have been spent is lost forever to those business.  As cases rises again, the same thing is happening around the US and more States step back after people showed they wouldn’t follow protocols and cases rose.  Much like my beloved Jersey Shore, businesses and workers will lose out on big money this weekend, and the weeks that follow, as the economy remains limited.  And that is not even taking into account what could happen down the road, where a Depression remains a possibility.  Tell them to ask any of their older relatives that they know how much fun it was to stand in food lines back in the 1930s.

Also tell him that that while Europe has opened up, they won’t let Americans travel there.  They are giving up our tourist dollars rather than take the chance on letting us into their countries and spread the disease that they have managed to get under control better than we have.  That is quite telling.  

The fact of the matter is this, whether they think the virus is real or bad or whatever, it doesn’t matter.  Whether they want to wear a mask or not doesn’t matter.  Whether they think the government is overreaching or is tyrannical doesn’t matter.  The reality of the situation is whether any of us like it or agree with it Governments will make the decisions as to whether we will open up, stay where we are or go backward.  That is just the fact of the matter.  Remind him, as I said above, that we are already seeing States that opened first regress, and when they do it takes the economy with them.  Unless they are independently wealthy, that means it will hurt them sooner or later.  It may be in their wallet or their favorite restaurant or coffee shop or bar or whatever.  But as businesses continue to lose money, they get closer and closer to shutting down.  

So if they don’t care about other people’s health, I would try and play on what is important to them and maybe you get can get through to them that way.  Good luck.

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