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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-30 10:00:00

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I just watched Kevin Owens' video about COVID-19 and it was awesome.  At the end, he took what I see as a shot at Low Ki and his ridiculous, selfish tweet which you addressed in the Q and A.  Do you think KO was laying the KO on Low Ki?  Also, what does it say about Low Ki that he is so selfish that he doesn't care about how he could potentially infect his fellow human beings?

I can’t say for sure but it did seem like KO chose the word “ignorant” in response to Low Ki, who ironically showed he was ignorant when chastising others for what he erroneously called THEIR ignorance, an his tweet from the weekend.  Faux warrior Ki clearly doesn’t understand the disease or how it spreads and he is a danger to society if he wants to go out and hug people and shake their hands.  If it ends up he gets the virus due to his ignorance of how it spreads, he will give it to anyone stupid enough to let him hug them.  If there is karma, he will get the disease and see what an imbecile he was for making the statements that he did.  Even if he doesn’t get that he was wrong, and I don’t hold out hope that he will given some of the other ridiculous things I have seen him tweet, he clearly has no compassion for people like KO, who lost a family member to the disease.  So what does it say about Low Ki?  To me is says he only cares about himself and what he wants, and doesn’t give two craps about society on the whole.  He’s selfish and self absorbed (and of course thinks he is a foot taller and a 100 pounds heavier than he actually is).  Oh yeah and again, it also shows he has no idea what ignorance actually is but if he wants to know he can go look in the mirror.  Someone asked me in the Q and A yesterday if I ever had a personal issue with him before, and I didn’t.  But now?  I do.  His ignorance is a danger to society and if we get locked down again due to virus spikes, it will be due to people like him.  So yeah, I do have a beef with him now.

We are now at a stage where in the US, for reasons I don't quite understand, the response to the coronavirus pandemic has become a political issue.  We see many people opposing health recommendations, against their better judgement, because of their political views.  Given the McMahon family's known relationship and support of President Trump, do you think there is a correlation between WWE's lax approach to physical distancing and testing (before the positive cases were made public this week) and Trump's political views regarding the pandemic?

It seems to me you do understand, as Trump has said many times, he doesn’t think the virus is a big deal and wants it to go away.  People like Low Ki hear that and think it’s all a lie or whatever.  People that believe in facts and science know it’s not.  But when the President no-sells it, it gives people like Vince McMahon the ability to say, “Look, POTUS doesn’t think it’s a big deal, get out there and wrestle!”  I am just happy Tony Khan isn’t like that.  Also, people have limited savings in the US so they want to get back to work, or in some cases just want to get back to life as normal, so they act like COVID isn’t a big deal.  I get it to a degree, it does suck to be in the situation but we can’t just wish it away.  

The look of the intercontinental belt, before it was replaced with the current one, was perfect.  Why did they feel the need to redesign the belt, and what were the issues those in charge had with the look of the old one?

I have to be honest, I don’t really concern myself with that stuff.  Maybe send a question Mike Johnson!  He could know.

I read that Sasha is challenging Io Shirai at the GAB. I thought she had challenged Asuka for her title? Besides, Sasha is on Raw; how is it she can challenge for the NXT Title?

Sasha vs. Io has been announced as non-title, so she's not challenging for the belt.  That said, there is nothing keeping her from going after more than one Title. 

Is it just me, or does there seem to me a lot of grey hair (especially facial) on many of the male wrestlers?

I have noticed it a bit and I say good for them because it means they have not been going out and getting the gray colored.  We are in a pandemic so I appreciate that.

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