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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-29 08:37:00

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way many of us here in the United States will celebrate Independence Day this weekend, there will be three different promotions streaming iPPVs this weekend, all of which will feature hardcore/death match style elements:

On Friday 7/3, Matt Tremont's H20 promotion will stream "Subterranean Violence Volume" live on IndependentWrestling.TV (free trial using code HUSTLE) from Wlliamstown, NJ.  The lineup for the event has not yet been announced.

On Saturday 7/4, Game Changer Wrestling will stream their annual "Backyard Wrestling" event on FITE.TV with a lineup that has yet to be revealed.  The show will stream at 4 PM.  Later that evening, ICW NY - No Holds Barred will return to Atlantic City for "Death Match Drive-in 2" at 8 PM, streaming live on IndependentWrestling.TV (, featuring:

*Eddie Kingston vs. Brett Ison.

*Matthew Justice vs. Casanova Valentine.

*Tim Donst vs. Eddie Only.

*Jeff King vs. John Wayne Murdoch.

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