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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-29 12:05:00

The trial of Luc C. Vu, the man arrested following the death New York City independent wrestler Matt "Travis" Palacios, before New York Criminal Court is slated to begin Monday 7/20, has learned.  

Vu has been charged with reckless driving, failure to yield to a bicyclist, failure to obey a traffic device, driving left of pavement marking and failure to exercise due care in December 2019, leading to Palacios' death.

Palacios was struck while traveling on a bike path in East Harlem about 2:30 AM on Saturday 11/9/19 when a dump truck driver made an illegal left u-turn to get onto the Willis Avenue Bridge.  Travis was struck and although rushed to the hospital, suffered serious trauma and was pronounced dead when he arrived.      It is not clear whether Vu was aware he struck Travis.  Vu was driving for Parsipanny, New Jersey-based D&A Contracting LLC, which fired him upon learning of his arrest.  

“I’m shocked, happy and depressed at the same time,” said Palacios' mother, Yolanda Nieves to StreetblogNYC several months back.  “I was so depressed without my son. [Vu] should pay for what he did to my child — if it was a mistake he could have said he was sorry, but I haven’t heard any apologies.”  Nieves told Streetblog she felt she had been kept in the dark during the investigation.

Palacios, who was returning home from professional wrestling training when he was struck, was only 25 years old.   A number of pro wrestling paid tribute to him in the days following his death:


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