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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-29 10:00:00

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I saw Dave's response to Low Ki's ignorant tweet about, ironically, being ignorant.  I don't agree with Ki but as an individual, he is entitled to his opinions, no matter how misguided they are.  Saying that, I've always been a fan of Ki's work and think he should be recognized particularly for his work in ROH and the early days of TNA, where he had many strong matches.  Political views aside, is there legitimate heat between you and Low Ki, and do you have anything against his work, as your response to his tweet leads us to believe?

First off, how could my response to him saying something that, like you, I found ignorant be a slight on his work?  I don’t get that.  I have seen him have a lot of good matches.  What my tweet meant was I often found the way he carried himself to be humorous.  I am not saying he is not tough or strong or anything, but he always acted like he was a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than he actually was, and it made it hard for me to get into his character.  He carried himself like he was Braun Strowman.  I always say him as the Chicken Hawk to Foghorn Leghorn.  So when he gave really stupid advice, where he contradicted himself, I just said to myself, “Yep, that’s what I would expect from someone who looked in the mirror and saw Brian Cage staring back at him.”  Does that mean he can’t work and hasn’t had great matches?  No, it just means that when I see a little guy acting like he’s a big guy, I can’t believe in his character.  Then when he says ridiculous things on Twitter, I understand why he presented himself as something he wasn’t.

Here is his Tweet:

I understand WWE's deal with FOX and USA require a certain amount of live programming every week.  If WWE were forced to cease tapings for a while due to the virus situation in Florida, what are their options with regards to that live programming clause with the TV networks?  Would airing "virtual" shows consisting of live interviews from wrestlers' homes, similar to what they have done with Backstage and The Bump, be an acceptable source of live programming under the terms of the TV contracts?  Or would they essentially get a bye from the networks and be able to air reruns or old matches in order to fill the timeslot?

I honestly don’t know the particulars of the deal.  I also don’t know if the pandemic being along the lines of a natural disaster, would mitigate any possible contract language.  Also I am not sure how having a lot of COVID positive talents will affect doing TV going forward.  My guess is that the TV partners will be lenient.  WWE has given them new shows during the pandemic and it’s not like they have anything to replace them with.

Looking at the word choice Impact Wrestling used in the recent spate of releases, the press releases for Dave Christ, Joey Ryan and Tessa Blanchard all used the word 'terminated,' to describe it, but Michael Elgin's press release used the words "not appear on any further programming." Am I reading too much into the wording? Does this mean they could still use Michael Elgin in a not on-camera role, like an agent, and still not be lying?

From what I have been told that is not the case at all.  He is not staying around at this time.  

I read your article on Impact Wrestling terminating Tessa Blanchard and have two questions coming out of it. The first is what would happen if Tessa didn't return the actual championship belt. I know back in the old NWA days, there was a deposit on the belt, but I don't know how things are today and if there is some legality in contracts instead. At the very least, I would think it will be unprofessional on her part and leave an asterisk on her for the next promotion she works for.

She would be in possession of property that is not hers.  It would also be a stain on her reputation to most companies.  I can’t see WWE or AEW hiring someone that would steal a Title in 2020.  There would be too much PR flack to deal with, if nothing else.

The second question is more broadly speaking and about the wrestlers. In the article, it was reported that Tessa didn't send promos for an upcoming taping, and didn't come to terms on dropping the title. I read this type of thing happening all the time on independents, but when it comes to a promotion with a national TV presence like Impact, it's more glaring. I remember Alberto El Patron no-showing, Austin Aries no-selling, and a few others. However in WWE, I feel wrestlers treat them more "professionally" and wouldn't think of not doing the right things for business. Do you think wrestlers do this in hopes of getting released or act unprofessional because they know they are on their way out? I can't see wrestlers thinking of being unprofessional as they exit WWE.

It all depends on the situation.  Obviously, talents generally don’t want to burn the WWE bridge.  That is a factor for sure.  In other cases, some of the talents are in non-WWE companies because of their personalities and their reputations.

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