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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-27 23:30:00

The latest Stonecutter Media PPV offering focusing on a current star is Jon Moxley - The Dark Horse, featuring matches from his time in Combat Zone Wrestling.  This show is available on PPV and VOD services.

The PPV opened with a music video featuring clips of Moxley bouts.

CZW Champion Jon Moxley vs. Nick Gage

This is from the ECW Arena in Philadelphia.

Gage did his own ring announcement and said he would be the new champion, spitting on Moxley.

They circled each other and went to lock up but Moxley ducked out and went to the floor to psych Gage out.  He walked around on the floor for some time.    He finally entered the ring, slapped Gage and powdered back out.  Gage finally caught up to him on the apron and tried to suplex him back in, but was stabbed in the forehead with a fork.  Moxley ripped at his face, drawing blood.

Moxley continued to work him over, beating Gage with it.  He charged Gage with it but was stopped and powerslammed for a two count.  Gage stuck him with a metal pipe, striking him in the back of the knees and then sticking it in his mouth.  Dewey Donovan, Gage's manager, handed Gage a pizza cutter.  He went for Moxley's face and despite Moxley's best efforts to stop it, Gage ran it across his forehead, drawing blood.  Gage ravaged Moxley's forehead over and over.   Now both men are bleeding.  Moxley's mouth was ripped with the cutter.

Gage went for a chokebreaker but Moxley blocked it and nailed him with a dropkick.  Moxley grabbed a Singapore Cane from under the ring.  He swung and missed.  Gage took him down and turned him over into a Boston Crab.  He then nailed a catapult into the corner.  Moxley hit his head on the ring post.  That was the finish when Jerry Lawler beat Curt Hennig for the AWA title, but not here!  Gage began beating the hell out of him over and over with the cane.  It was rough.  Moxley began fighting back and smashed it over Gage's head over and over.  

Gage came back with a swinging neckbreaker on a chair.  After a quick edit, Gage and Donovan are bridging a barricade across the ring barrier and the apron.  Gage went to grab him but Moxley pulled him down into a STF.  He used the Singapore Cane for additional leverage, working to force a submission on Gage.  Gage battled to the ropes and made it, breaking the hold.  

Moxley worked over his back, drilling it with a stick and nailing a series of headbutts.  Gage charged him but was backdropped over the top rope onto the bridged barricade.  Ouch!  Moxley pulled him back up to the apron and attempted to suplex him into the ring.  Gage blocked and tried to suplex Moxley out of the floor.  Moxley blocked but couldn't get away and on the second attempt, was suplexed to the outside onto the barricade, which bent from the force of them crashing down.  Gage covered him on the suspended railing but the referee refused to count the fall.    Gage came off the top with a flying headbutt into the ring for a two count.  

They recovered to their feet and battled back and forth with big right hands.  Gage slapped him.  Moxley responded by snapping him down and locking in a figure four leglock.  Moxley finally broke the hold but the damage had been done.  He small packaged Gage for a two count.  Gage snapped up and nailed a big brainbuster.  Moxley backed up into the corner but was nailed with a Facewash in the corner.  

Gage pulled Moxley to the middle of the ring and brought a table out from under the ring.  Moxley was smashed over the head with a chairshot.  A ringside official set up the table in the ring for Gage.  He then set up a second.  Donovan pulled a barbed wire board out from under the ring.  Gage powerbombed him into the barbbed wire for a two count.  There were now two tables placed atop of each other, then two chairs facing each other atop of that and the barbed wire board atop of that.  

Gage pulled Moxley to the top as the contraption started to fall apart.  Moxley grabbed the pizza cutter and ripped at Gage's face.  Moxley gained control and attempted a superplex, nailing it through the multi-tiered contraption.  He covered Gage, who kicked up at two.

Moxley pulled Gage to a chair and drove him face-first into the chair for the pin.

Your winner and still CZW Champion, Jon Moxley!

A hard-fought, physical bout with all the hardcore accoutrements you would expect from CZW in this era.

CZW Champion  Jon Moxley vs. Devon Moore. 

They slapped each other and began slugging it out.  Moxley sent him into the ropes but Moore nailed a nice headscissors takedown and dropkicked him to the floor.  Moore hit a nice tope over the top onto Moxley.  Moore smashed him into the ring post and brawled with him around ringside.  Moore nailed a moonsault off the ropes to Moxley on the floor.

Back in the ring, Moore rolled up Moxley for a two count.  Moxley responded with a stiff clothesline, garnering a near fall for himself.  Moxley missed a clothesline and was nailed with a spinkick.  Moore ascended to the top but was crotched.  Moxley nailed a Money Clip and scored another two count.  He measured and chopped Moore, then tied him up on the mat, working over Moore's arm.  Moore makes a comeback and nailed a Yakuza Kick for a two count.  The fans are all surrounding the ring, pounding on the mat, adding to the atmosphere.

Moore nailed a DDT and a Lionsault for a two count.  He went for a superkick but is caught.  He avoids a move, smashing Moxley into the buckles and rolled him up for a two count.  Moxley caught him with a cutter and a face-first implant for a two count.  Moore kicked up, which Moxley was shocked at.  Moxley missed a dropkick.  Moore nailed him with shooting star press but Moxley kicked up at the very last second.  Moore called for a superkick but Moxley blocked it.  Moxley was nailed with an enziguiri but didn't go down.  Moore nailed him with a superkick and went for a flying bodypress.  Moxley rolled through and scored the three count.

Your winner, Jon Moxley!

Moxley did a nice job here playing the defending champion, making Moore look strong on offense and giving the impression he was legitimately in danger of losing.

Jon Moxley vs. Drake Younger

This is joined in progress from Philadelphia.  

Younger is control and worked over Moxley with a fork, busting him open.  They peppered each other with kicks and chops.  Younger attempted Hulk Hogan's Atomic Legdrop, right down to cupping his ear, but missed it.  Moxley attacked his leg but Younger battled back and beat him with a shoe, then lashed at him stiffly with a belt.  He choked Moxley and hung him over the ropes with it.  Moxley was hung for some time before crashing to the floor.  Younger drilled him across the back with a chair, beating him.    Moxley returned to the ring, trying to recover but Younger stalked him.  Younger drilled him with headbutts and tried to set up a move on a chair but Moxley surprised him, catching him with a DDT on the chair.

Moxley charged with a big elbowsmash to the face.  Moxley and Young traded punches in the center of the ring.  Moxley was clotheslined over the top to the floor.  Younger pulled a table out from under the ring.  He picked up and drove Moxley down atop a barricade at ringside.

After an edit, Younger had Moxley atop the timekeeper's table but Moxley turned it into a piledriver through the table.  That was insane looking.

They battled back to the ring, where Moxley shocked him with a cutter for another two count.  He was angry he couldn't keep Younger down and grabbed a fork but was nailed with a low blow.  Younger wedged a chair in the buckles.  He went after Moxley, who was sent into the chair.  Younger nailed a Blue Thunder Bomb for a close two count.

Younger smashed him with a chair and played to the crowd.  Younger nailed Dreams Landing, one of his primary finishers, but Moxley kicked up at the last second.  Moxley was out on his feet and Younger set up several chairs sideway on the mat.  Younger went for a move but Moxley caught him with a forward roll and scored the pin.

Another good bout where you believed Younger was on his way to winning the belt, only to see Moxley shock him for the pin.

CZW Champion Jon Moxley vs. Homicide

We are back in Philadelphia at what was then known as the Asylum Arena.

They tie up and go to the corner and Homicide breaks clean, but Moxley shoves him on the break. Another tie up and they do a fast paced sequence with several pinning attempts but no three count. Homicide nails him and hits a headbutt, then takes Moxley to the corner and lays in a series of chops. Homicide goes for a slam but Moxley slips out and sweeps the leg and follows that up with an elbowdrop for 2. Moxley charges Homicide but Homicide gets an elbow to the mid-section and tosses Moxley to the floor.

Homicide tries a baseball slide but Moxley slips back into the ring and catches Homicide with a baseball slide of his own. Homicide fights his way back in and goes for a piledriver, but Moxley backdrops out and gets an STF. Moxley lets him out and tries a charge in the corner but Homicide catches him with an elbow and then comes off the ropes and they hit head to head and both go down. Homicide with a laying Royal Octopus hold but he lets Moxley out and whips him into the ropes for a flying elbow instead. Moxley is bleeding pretty badly out of the nose as Homicide comes off the second rope with a tornado DDT. Homicide with a series of suplexes and goes up top, but Moxley pops up and goes for a top rope superplex and nails it.

They go nose to nose on their knees and exchange blows. They get to their feet and continue exchanging blows and it turns into a straight up slugfest. Now they take turns coming off the ropes with forearms to the face until Homicide hits an Ace Crusher, but then Moxley comes back with one of his own and covers for 2. Homicide recovers and hits another Ace Crusher and a short lariat for 2 and then goes for the GringoKilla but Moxley rolls him up for 2 and then gets a backslide for 2 and gets a Fujiwara armbar. Moxley releases the hold and goes to the second rope, but Homicide catches him coming down and hits an Exploder suplex and then hits the GringoKilla, but instead of going for the cover he rolls Moxley out to the floor.

Homicide goes out after him and rolls Moxley back in, then goes to the top for a frog splash but Moxley gets the knees up. Homicide goes to pick Moxley up but Moxley gets an inside cradle for 2 and then hits an inverted suplex into a side piledriver for the clean win.

Your winner, Jon Moxley!

Brodie Lee come out of the crowd and hit Moxley in the face with a big boot.  The crowd chants for Brodie.  Lee motions he wants the belt as the PPV ends.  I sure hope they plan a Part Two for the Moxley PPV or else what was the point of leaving THAT in this broadcast?

That was it.  The last match was another really good match.  Overall, if you haven't seen these bouts before, it's a good hour showing a younger, leaner Moxley working some of the matches that helped get him to WWE and beyond, including his current AEW title run.

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