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By Richard Trionfo on 2020-06-27 18:47:00

Your host is AJ Kirsch.

The Global Dealers in Violence have been the biggest threat in MLW since its return and they have established themselves as the dominant force in MLW.

While Contra’s rise was swift, resistance was swift. Tom Lawlor tried to face the trio and he brought in Ross and Marshall Von Erich to face them.

Match Number One: Cima, Shigehiro Irie, and Lindaman versus Simon Gotch, Jacob Fatu, and Josef Samael (from January 4, 2020 episode of MLW Fusion)

Cima and Gotch start things off and they go for clotheslines and then alternate chops. Gotch with a take down into a chin lock. Cima with a snap mare and drop kick. Cima with a full nelson and he puts Gotch against the turnbuckles. Cima with a drop kick to the rear end to send Gotch’s neck into the turnbuckles. Lindaman tags in and Cima with a drop toe hold and Lindaman with a splash to the back. Lindaman with a waist lock and Gotch gets into the ropes. Gotch with a boot to the head.

Gotch sends Lindaman into the turnbuckles and Samael tags in. Samael sends Lindaman into the turnbuckles and he chops Lindaman. Samael misses a chop and Lindaman with chops of his own. Samael with an Irish whip but Lindaman with a drop kick. Lindaman is sent into the turnbuckles and Fatu tags in and kicks Lindaman.

Fatu with a head butt and chop. Fatu with a back elbow and thrust to the throat. Fatu with head butts in the corner and Gotch tags in. Gotch sends Fatu into Lindaman in the corner and then Gotch with an exploder. Samael tags in and hits a diving head butt to the equatorial area. Samael with a suplex and Cima breaks up the cover.

Fatu with a thrust kick to Lindaman after tagging in. Fatu with forearms. Lindaman with an elbow and he tries for a slam. Fatu has a kick blocked and Lindaman goes for a slam but he collapses under Fatu’s weight and he gets a near fall.

Fatu with punches and he bites Lindman. Gotch tags in and he punches Lindaman. Gotch goes for a slam but Lindaman escapes and Irie tags in. Irie tries to slam Gotch but Gotch blocks it. Irie with a back elbow and then he hits a slingshot splash for a near fall. Gotch kicks Irie in the knee. Gotch goes for a Gotch piledriver but Irie blocks it. Irie with a piledriver to Samael onto Gotch and Fatu breaks up the cover.

Fatu misses a splash but Irie bounces off Fatu on a shoulder tackle attempt. Both men go for clotheslines. Irie and Fatu both go for cross body blocks at the same time. Irie with a head butt and Fatu catches Irie and hits a uranage and then hit a handspring moonsault for a near fall.

Everyone fights to the floor. Samael with forearms to Lindaman while Cima works over Gotch. Fatu chops the ring post when Irie moves. Irie Irish whips Fatu into the guardrails.

Fatu with a punch to Irie while Lindaman kicks Samael. Irie with forearms to Fatu against the guardrails. Irie with a suicide dive onto Fatu. Fatu is sent into the ring and he hits a suicide dive. Lindaman and Cima kick Fatu. Fatu is sent back into the ring and Cima, Lindaman, and Irie alternate chopping Fatu. Fatu with punches. Lindaman with chops but Fatu with a punch. Lindaman with a drop toe hold that sends Fatu into the ropes. Cima with a kick to the back and Irie with senton. Lindaman with a German suplex for a near fall.

Cima with a super kick to Samael. Lindaman with a flip dive onto Samael. Fatu with a super kick to Irie and then Fatu with a pop up Samoan drop to Cima. Fatu goes up top for the double jump moonsault and the three count.

Winners; Jacob Fatu, Simon Gotch, and Josef Samael

Later tonight, we will take a look at the match between Jacob Fatu and LA Park from MLW Super Fight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and next week, we will take a look at the Von Erichs.

On July 11th, MLW Underground will return with a look back at the early days of MLW.

Jacob Fatu defeating Tom Lawlor to become the MLW World Champion showed that Contra Unit was on top.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two:  MLW World Championship Match: Jacob Fatu (with Josef Samael) versus LA Park (with Salina de la Renta) in a No Disqualification Match (from MLW Super Fight)

Before the match, LA Park has something to say to Fatu and then he does a survey.  

Park pushes Fatu and Fatu pushes back.  They exchange punches and forearms.  Fatu with the advantage but Park with punches.  Fatu with a German suplex and Park with a German suplex of his own.  Fatu with a German suplex and Park with a German suplex.  Park throws the referee at Fatu and connects with clotheslines and a knee.  Fatu goes to the floor.  Park wit a suicide dive.  Park with a punch but Samael punches Park and then Fatu with punches.  They return to the ring and Fatu with head butts.  Fatu with a punch and Park goes down.  Fatu with a head butt and slap.  Fatu with head butts in the corner.  Fatu with a punch.

Fatu with another head butt and uppercut.  Fatu with another punch and head butt.  Fatu with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner.  Salina gets on the apron and Fatu goes for the mask and Samael with the spike to the head.  Samael hits Park with the spike many times.  Fatu with a punch as the mask is ripped and Park is bleeding.  Fatu with a head butt.  Fatu chokes Park in the ropes.  Fatu with a punch and Park goes to the floor.  Fatu sends Park into the guardrails and Fatu with punches.

Samael with a punch before Fatu Irish whips Park into the guardrails.  Fatu with head butts and a punch.  Fatu with more head butts and punches.  Fatu with a punch and he sends Park over the guardrails into the crowd.  Fatu goes into the crowd and he punches Park.  Fatu with more uppercuts to Park.  Fatu slams Park's head into a chair.  Fatu sends Park back into the ringside area.  Fatu with more punches after they return to the ring.  Fatu with more punches.  Park with an Irish whip and splash into the corner.  Park with a punch and Irish whip but Park runs into a boot.  Fatu with another foot to the head.  Park with a power slam and he gets a near fall.

Fatu with a punch and super kick.  Fatu with a handspring moonsault for a near fall.  Fatu with punches to Park and he puts Park on the turnbuckles.  Fatu punches Park.  Park with a head butt to knock Fatu to the mat.  Park with a double jump twisting senton for a near fall.  Fatu is sent to the floor and Park follows.  Park takes the time keeper's table and Park hits Fatu in the head with it.  Park has a chair and he hits Fatu in the back with it.  Park sends Fatu into the ring steps.  Park has the ring bell and he hits Fatu in the head with it.  Fatu is now bleeding from the forehead.  Park with head butts.  They return to the ring.

Park kicks Fatu and chokes him in the ropes.  Park with more head butts in the corner.  Park with a punch.  Park takes his belt and whips Fatu with it.  He whips Fatu with the belt again.  Park with head butts.  Park with an Irish whip and Fatu with a twisting senton for a near fall.  Fatu sets for a Fosbury Flop and hits it.  Fatu gets a table while Samael kicks Park and punches him.  Fatu waits for Samael to send Park into the ring.  Fatu with a uranage and then he goes up top for a moonsault but misses.  Park with a cover but Samael with a fireball into the referee's face.  Samael has Salina up against the table and Salina slaps Samael.  Park spears Salina through the table.  Fatu with a kick and Samoan drop and then Fatu goes up top and hits a moonsault for the three count.

Winner:  Jacob Fatu (retains championship)

Next week, Anthology will take a look at the Von Erichs.

It is time for this week’s edition of Pulp Fusion.

We are in Puerto Rico and Savio Vega has a message for the Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday. He challenges Holliday to come to Puerto Rico and put the belt on the line in front of his people. That belt has too much prestige. You call yourself a champ, but you are a chump. The belt is coming to him, his way or the highway.

Alexander Hammerstone is in the gym

Calvin Tankman says he has been waiting and praying on the day that he would get the platform and now he has it. He is not giving it away.

Tom Lawlor is writing a note for his father.

Mance Warner says he isn’t afraid of a bear. He says he will fight the bear and do all the classics. Mance hears bear sounds and Mance wants to know why the bear is out of the cage.

Richard Holliday is not in a good mood because he is in the woods on the golf course.

Los Parks are cooking and making threats to Contra Unit.

Tom is still writing and Hammerstone is still working out.

Jordan Oliver says people are asking what are his goals since he is 21. I want to be better than Simon Gotch. Check.

Calvin says that he laces up his boots every night to prove that he is one of the best, if not the best young talents in the world.

Holliday says he could not concentrate because the FDA is investigating him about tainted supplements in his Dynastic Coffee. Stoogio Vega stooged him out.

Salina de la Renta says you will find out what she has done when you find out.

Mance talks about how the bear has escaped.

Low Ki says King Mo got away with one in Philadelphia. It was well executed and well strategized.

Hammerstone is still working out and Lawlor is still writing.

Calvin wants everyone and he promises that there will be no denying that he is one of the best.

Holliday says that Savio is jealous that Holliday is the most dynastic Caribbean Champion.

Mance talks about what he is going to do with the bear.

Hammerstone says he is working harder than ever and he will be coming back bigger and faster and juicier than ever.

Holliday says he will call his lawyer/father because they are going to sue Savio. He will kick his ass in the courts and in the ring, but not in a Puerto Rico ring because they are dirty.

Josef Samael says their soldiers were lurking in the shadows until the right moment. The power, the money, the influence. Access to millions of souls with your precious TV deals. To spread the message of Contra. That is what we wanted. Now we have it and we will abuse it.

We go to credits.


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